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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I realized that I haven't been doing my usual "This Month's Purchases" for quite a long time. The truth is I kept forgetting to take pictures of newly purchased items or freebies that I got, and I kinda lazy to do the post too ;p But anyway I was cleaning my photo folders on my computer and found these photos that I took a couple of months ago and for some reason forgot to put it in the blog. So here it is..

 Bought a set of back seat organizer and a matching head-rest for our car.
I've been looking for some kind of container or organizer to put in the car because I think it's important to have items such as first aid, medicines, hand sanitizer, flashlight, mints/candies, wet tissue, etc in the car because you'll never know when you would need it. But there's no room in our little car to hold all those small-but-important stuffs, I finally decided to get this back seat organizer that we can just hang in the back of our car seat. I also got the matching head rest ;)
Love the sheep print on them.
Oh and we also bought a mini trash can and a hanging car deodorizer. We chose the silver one because it match our silver-toned car. Lame, I know ;)

 Got this book for free as a prize of a giveaway that I won some times ago.
This book is filled with phrases and thoughtful things to say or write in a card when you don't know what to write ;p I always find it hard to write the right things to say in certain situations, such as to a friend who just had a loss in the family, to a friend who is gonna have surgery, you know..something like that.. So this book is really helpful for me. It covers many subjects on the matter.
You should buy this book if you always have a hard thing to say (just like me ;p).

What are your newest purchases? tell us! :D


  1. My latest purchases have been makeup related: A Jouer Cosmetics set, a Tarte blush/lipstain set from QVC that Kelly from Gouldylox reviewed, and some new Bobbi Brown makeup. (Probably because the clothes aren't fitting so well right now....sigh...)

  2. My most recent purchase was a pair of Earth black suede snow boots (it was snowing so much and I was wearing my leopard print rain boots for snow boots so much they were being to become attached to my foot permanently!). My mom just sent me a Macy's GC for my birthday and I need to use it ..probably will get some Armani Mania (my fave! If they have it in stock which is very rare!)

  3. My most recent purchase was a plastic storage chest for the garage. Exciting, huh?

  4. I just bought some k-cups for my keurig coffee maker. Yes, its not very economical, but the convenience is worth it in my mind.


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