Places We Go: Weekend at Snowbay

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Saturday me and my big family went swimming in Snowbay. They called themselves "The First Watertainment in Indonesia".

Does that make sense?
Is "watertainment" a word? hey, don't look at me, I got it from their website, that's what they called themselves in their website ;p

Snowbay from the entry area. Lucky for us it was not as crowded as usual considering it's saturday :)
Snowbay map at the entry area.

Snowbay is basically a waterpark (we call it waterboom here). it's a big place with various swimming pools and water attractions such as boat/body water slides and wave river pool where we can just float in a boat and do nothing, just enjoy the scenery while the "river" pool take it's course. The "wave" will move your boat automatically and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your floating trip. This is one of my favorite attraction on every waterbom/waterpark.

The wave river pool. This picture is not mine, it's from here.
Enjoying our time in the wave river pool. Look at the color of the water, it's turquoise!

We have quite many waterpark here in Jakarta but I've only been to two of them :
- the one at PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk),
- and this Snowbay one at TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah).

I must say that I love the river pool in PIK better because it has a longer course and there are more water squirts, tunnels, and mini waterfalls along the "river" at PIK Waterbom. But i prefer the water attractions at Snowbay compared to PIK, simply because Snowbay has TWO water attractions that (up until now) can not be found on other similar waterparks around Jakarta.

Those two awesome water attractions are the Flush Bowl and the Hurricane. And both are super awesome!

Although PIK has more water attractions compared to Snowbay but they are mostly various types of water slides at PIK, and the stairs to go to the slides are too high so it's really exhausting if we want to ride the water slide again no matter how much fun it is. Snowbay on the other hand has fewer stairs to climb to, so it's not a big problem for us if we want to ride the same slide or attraction over and over again (just like I did with the Hurricane!).

The Hurricane is the newest model of it's kind, the website says it's the most phenomenal water play in Indonesia, even in South East Asia. It's all about defying gravity. It's the most extreme water play I've ever tried! And you should try it too if you're in Jakarta :D

Although it sounds scary, we can ride it in group of 2 or 4 people, so there's no need to be scared alone haha -- Oh but I'm not scared at all! I love it! I love the high pumping adrenaline it caused, it's been a long time since my adrenaline got pumped so high ! Everybody seems scared and screaming when we're about to fall very high and very steeply into the tunnel, but I don't. I feel really excited every time we're about to fall and can't wait to feel the adrenaline rush when we're falling and jumping high and then falls again into the tunnel. Oh I can't describe it to you, it's the best feeling! :D

The Hurricane. Photo from here.
That's us! Inside the Hurricane tunnel. Such a great experience. Not for the faint hearted.

The other scary water play is the Flush Bowl. Taking the clue off it's name, this water play is about "flushing" yourself into a closed tube and end up in a bowl where it flushes you through the hole in the center and into a deep water pool below.

So you now know how it felt being flushed down the sink ;P

I didn't try this one because:
  1. it's a closed tube, and I'm claustrophobic. I'm afraid of a tight closed room or space (hence the closed tube).
  2. the pool below where you "flush" yourself into, is 2.20 m deep. Although it's totally safe because there's a safeguard who stands-by in the pool and ready to grab you every time you fall from the flush, but I'm really petite so the thought of a pool with 2.20m deep is already pretty scary in my head. >>> But everyone else tried it. And they said it was a hell of fun!
The Flush Bowl. You come out from the closed tube into that green/white bowl and then you swirl around in it (like in a washing machine) until you finally got sucked up into the hole in the center in which you'll find yourself falls into a 2.20 m pool. This picture is not mine, it's from here.

I also love the Beach Pool. The Beach Pool is where you can get a sensation of swimming in a real beach. I love Snowbay's beach pool better than any beach pool I've ever tried in other waterpark/waterbom because this one has 7 kind of ocean waves and the wave is gradually higher and higher until it reached 2 meter high, wow it sure feels like swimming in the ocean! I loooveee this pool! And the wave lasts a long time too, unlike other beach pool in other waterbom ;)

The Beach Pool. This picture is not mine, it's from here.
There's supposed to be a Spa pool area too where there's a warm water plunge pool and cold water plunge pool. Very interesting concept which I'm sure we couldn't find on any other waterbom, but too bad the warm water plunge pool didn't work when we were there. So all the plunge pools only has normal water temperature, and there's also a small pool with mini waterfall near our gazebo (we can rent gazebo that are scattered near the water attractions). There's also a VIP cabin if you want to rent one.
The VIP cabin overlooked the wave river pool. This picture is not mine, it's from here.

And here are the rest of the pictures:
I feel like I'm in a beach so I didn't use my sandal after washing up haha
On the left is The Giant Bucket where it pours a BIG amount of water when the bucket is full (every less than 2 minutes), and it's fun to just stand below the bucket tower where the water would pour all over us :D On the right (the blue/yellow one) is The Hurricane!
Since Snowbay is located in TMII so we can see a TMII skylift ride outside the Snowbay area.
A little lizard that  we found near our gazebo. I think he is sunbathing ;P
Me and hubs, taking turns of the sunscreen bottle ;) I used Vaseline SPF 30 on my body and for my face I used Doctor T's Super Sunscreen which I got from Sprout Baby. I think it really works because I don't have any red face like my cousin who forgot to use sunscreen on her face.
There's a candid photographer in The Hurricane that will capture everyone's pic during the ride. You can buy this pic on your way out near the Exit area. All you have to do is remember the time when you ride the Hurricane and tell the stand assistant who will help you find your photo :) The photo costs IDR 25000 each and comes with a detachable hard paper frame like above.

I enjoyed my last weekend so much. I think I should have more fun every weekend! How bout you? Did you do anything fun last weekend? Well I hope so.. :)
If you didn't, then make some plan for this weekend! ^__^


  1. I love looking at your photos! We still have so much snow here. It's nice to see it's warm somewhere in the world!

  2. Thank you ^__^
    Well speaking of weather, we never have snow here so I wouldn't mind to have a little snow just like what you're having right now ;)

  3. That looks absolutely fantastic!!! I cannot wait to go swimming when it warms up...still far too cold here.

  4. Looking at the pictures makes me want summer even more! The weather is still bipolar where I'm at, so one day it is in the 70s and the next it is in the 40s and raining.


  5. A great place for summer! The place are really big, I wish i could go there!

  6. I've always thought theme parks a very American thing. Great park in Indonesia for watertainment (good choice of wording there) Is Snow the name of the town/city/region, or is it that they just have cold water there? Don't know much of Indonesia in the matter of seasons. My mind is not very creative imagining weather in other countries but water parks are best in tepid climates or big bucks to heat the water when temp drops. I envision solar panels.

  7. Nice pics, looks like a very fun place!


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