Tuesday Decor Ideas: Laundry Room

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday means decor inspiration :)
Whenever I browse home decor websites one of the room that always interest me is the laundry room.
Yes, that's right. Not the bedroom, not the dining room, not the kitchen, but the Laundry Room. I'm not sure why I'm interested in laundry room since there's no particular laundry room in our house, but maybe because I secretly wanted a cozy small laundry room when I have my own house in the future (Amen to that).

I love how these families make their laundry room so comfy, just like any other room in their house. Even though it's usually a small room but laundry room has many potentials. It can doubled as a storage room, a craft room, or maybe as a gardener's room, it depends on your needs. Decorating a small room is not easy so I always appreciate a nice looking laundry room. Here are a few examples of some nice and comfy laundry room, maybe it will be useful for your next decorating project:

Laundry room + Kitchen in a small apartment. Unknown Source
Laundry room + Gardener's sink. Country Living
Laundry Room + Craft Room. Country Living
Laundry Room + Small Storage. Country Living
my home ideas
my home ideas

Like what you see? Now don't blame me if you want to make a laundry room in your house after seeing this post ^o^
So, which one is your favorite?

Pic sources are from Country Living and My Home Ideas website except for the first pic which I don't have any notes on the source (sorry!). Links are included in the pic.


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  2. Great inspiration yet again! Sadly our washer and dryer is in our garage. I love our house except for that. Soooo wish I had an adorable laundry room to wash clothes in!

  3. I think i would choose Laundry room + Gardener's sink. Country Living style. I want square one space, but maybe i choose a different color for it.

  4. These are really beautiful spaces. We just opened our kitchen and created a laundry closet. I think I will put a hanging rod and some tab panels to enclose that section of the room. Flank the space to create a non permanent entrance and create the illusion of a separate space. Thanks, great pics!! @matzsmith

  5. Love these, makes the space look neat and very nice!


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