This Week's Lust List: Florals

Monday, February 7, 2011

Continuing with my wish list on my previous post, I am now lusting over floral prints! I told you I'm not the flower kinda gal, which means: don't bring me roses for a date. But I do love floral prints and patterns in almost everything. This week's lust list is all about floral prints :)

I love the pretty floral prints and the subdued colors in them. Wouldn't it be cute to have a matching floral notepad and pen plus a pretty tulip holder like the first pic above?
Another option is the pretty floral pen and notepad with a bow (2nd pic).

Or if you're more of a chocolate kinda lady instead of flowers, then maybe you'd prefer this one below to sit atop your desk:
Look at that yummy looking chocolate cupcake! Perfect to hold that chocolate shoppe print notepad.

The three items above are from an online store called Roses and Teacups which I just found through polyvore. Yes, apparently you can find new stores and unique things from polyvore. I love polyvore.

Another floral items on my wish list is these triple-milled soaps with trays:
 Very enticing, yes? Would look perfect in the guest bathroom or as souvenirs!
And this plaid floral appliqued throw looks warm enough for winter or to snuggle up in front of the fireplace:

One more item to lust is this beige frame adorned with colorful floral pattern on the corners.
Doesn't it will look beautiful in the living room or bedroom table? 

The last three items above are from pier1 which I learned they have various beautiful and unique items that I can't stop browsing. Where was I all of this time?

What's your lust this week?


  1. I love Pier 1, but I'm more into their modern stuff and not really into florals. It's just a little too "granny" for me!

  2. Unfortunately, the Pier 1 store closed recently. I liked getting greeting cards and unique book marks there, though I don't need them anymore since I do most of my reading on my kindle.

  3. I am a Flower girl and i LOVE receiving bouquets! :D So no wonder i loved this post!


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