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Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine is near! But I don't usually celebrate Valentine's day, it's a practice that I have now forgotten ever since I grew up ^o^ But still...there's no reason for me to not lusting over all the valentine chocolates and all the girly frocks :)

I am never a flower kind of gal. Meaning: Although I really appreciate if a boy gave me flowers and would thank him appropriately but I would just leave it at that. Flowers don't make me gaga like chocolate does. Flowers don't leave a great impression for me as like other things would. I don't know why but that's just it. I never was a flower kinda gal ;p

Sure I'm the romantic type. And yes I do love seeing flowers on the photos or in the vase on the living room, but the thought of receiving flowers as gift is just not for me. It will eventually wither and die. So you might want to give me something else ;p
Flowers for me are for house decoration, part of your garden, the apple of your coffee table, but not for gift giving :) Chocolates on the other hand, is always PERFECT for gift giving ;p

But anyway, I don't mind if someone gives me a flower brooch or a flower-embellished lace poncho in dusty pink, like this one below ;p

Speaking of Valentine, here's a cute card that I found on etsy just a couple of hours ago:

Oh wait... there's another item that I want from etsy. It's this cute Happy Kitty mary-janes!
It's black, just like my cat Blacky (without the pink ear and pink nose and polkadot bow of course ;p

 How 'bout you? Any particular cute items that you want on etsy? or on any website? tell us! :D

Note: Clicking the pictures will get you straight to the product link on etsy.


  1. For sure, decent write-up. Thanks for expressing these types of goods. I seriously appreciate it

  2. What I've been wanting from several of the etsy shops is a retro full apron. There are so many very cool ones out there.

    That dusty rose cape you show is just so sweet ....

  3. I thought maybe I was abnormal for keeping a "wish list"--my husband always says that my new one starts just as soon as the holiday/birthday ends!! (he's right--I always have something I want!!)

  4. Mine always get bigger instead of smaller...

  5. Those Mary Jane's are adorable

  6. I have been wanting a poem from my dh for years. He wrote them for me but hasnt given me one in at least 3 years. So I was delighted when I received one this valentine's day.

  7. I'm all about anything made from coffee bags now and etsy is like a goldmine...I really wish someone would make some vintage coffee bag curtains because I want those for my craft room. I'm even tossing around the idea of making them myself. I have about half a dozen coffee bag messenger bags saved on etsy and I lose myself for hours there looking at more.


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