Old (or new?) royal paintings

Sunday, January 23, 2011

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So anyway, one of my interest is history and anything related with it (maybe that's why i love vintage because vintage means history or something from the past, right? ;p). Well, speaking of history-related things, one of my hobby is to look at paintings of the royals, you know... such paintings as of Marie Antoinette, Duchess of Devonshire, etc..
I don't know why but old royal paintings always gave me the thrills, i love to imagine what their real faces looked like, what the clothes they were wearing in the paintings looks like in real life, and what life did they have back then, et cetera.. et cetera... ^o^

I wish there's a time machine for that.

But since there's no time machine, we can still play with time. These genius amateur artists shows us (at least) a glimpse of what would our generation be like if we were living in the past ;)

Can you guess who they are?
Yes, they're our beloved Hollywood celebrities! -- the artists turned their pictures to look like they were living in the past times. Fabulous isn't it? I found these through a photo effect contest at Worth1000. If you like these arts then you should go visit the website where there are many others like these that's worth to praise.
And don't forget to browse around while you're there because there are lots of other artsy photo galleries that can wow you too.

I wish i could have someone draw or make my picture to look like one of the above. If any of you would do it for me I would be forever grateful and i would cherish and say your name 100 times a day. Bless you.



  1. Angelina still looks "modern" to me, but I love Anderson Cooper's portrait! Funny. I'd still go with the old!

  2. I, too, love vintage. This is a very interesting concept. And certainly a unique idea for those who are interested.


  3. I love Anne Hathaway. She looks so vintage.

    clenna at aol dot com

  4. I think Emmy Rossum and Helena Bonham Carter also have that "period" look.


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