Another Blog Award !

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi... How was your weekend everyone? Mine was great! We had plenty of food to eat and we laugh til our stomach hurts :D Fabulous time with the family ^__^
Anyway, a couple of days ago I got another blog award (Yeay!). This award is from one of my loyal reader Gustosa Giveaway. She awarded my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award:

Thank you so much for Gustosa Giveaway for giving me this lovely award!

With this award I also has to say 7 things about myself, so here they are:
  1. As you might as well know, I love Cats!
  2. I love collecting Cows-related things.
  3. I love vintage-related stuffs.
  4. I love decor! One of my fave decor style is Shabby Chic.
  5. I'm not really fond of water, just like a cat ^o^
  6. I hate that one of my eyelid is slightly different from the other so it's so hard to put on proper eyeliner (!). I always have trouble with this.
  7. I'm a bit on the sloppy side ^o^
Now you know a little more about me ;)


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