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Friday, November 25, 2011

Wow i just realized that I haven't been posting about "My Shopping Bag" post series for so long now, my last post was on June 19 (whoopss!). So I guess I'm gonna be posting an update for this series. Here we go... my recent freebies and purchases:

Let's start from the Freebies:

As you may have already read on this blog several posts back, I received a huge package from Snowbay Watertainment (click here to read the post).  I received: a Snowbay Hurricane VIP Card (with lots and lots of advantages and discounts including Free Entry & Free VIP Cabana, etc), a very thick small notebook, Snowbay F&B Discount Voucher, a super cute Polar Bear hat (!!), and some other Discount Vouchers for various merchants such as La Porchetta, Cuppa Coffee, Rice Bowl, etc.

And as you may have already read too, I went to media gathering at Fimela House (click to read the post) the other day and received a Fimela fuchsia notebook, a book titled "25 kata-kata motivasi yang memberi semangat dan mencerahkan hati", and a fuchsia tupperware glass container. I finally have my very first self-owned tupperware hahahah!

I also have another new notebook from Sarinah as a goodie bag from watching their fashion show at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 (read the post on my fashion blog here). This notebook is thick and have a pretty Loro Blonyo statuettes picture on the front, and on the first pages there's a brief history on Sarinah Department store which is the first modern store ever built in Indonesia (built by Indonesia's first president: Ir.Soekarno). Did you know that President Soekarno got the name "Sarinah" from his childhood nanny's name: Mbok Sarinah. Yeah, I just knew that from reading the excerpt on the free notebook above. Quite interesting story ;)

Just last Thursday, I got invitation to attend the Gala Premiere of Arisan 2 movie at the XXI Plaza Senayan. I've never been to a Gala Premiere before so it was a new experience for me :) Many celebrities came, and the movie was played very late ("fashionably late", as always..), lots of goodie bags, and there were 5 theaters who played the movie at the same time. And the director gave a little speech and introduce all the actors and actresses as well as the music director, etc before the movie begins. I'll tell you all about the movie and the Gala Premiere on the next post, meanwhile as you can see above, I received quite a lot of freebies from all of those goodie bags being given that night. Here are the details:

 A tumbler, a name tag holder, a red Arisan tote bag, a Dulux mousepad, FitFlop voucher worth IDR 250.000 and Paris Hilton Bags voucher worth IDR 300.000

LUX beauty shower pouch in Magic Spell, Esquire magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine, and a bottle of a new premium line from Aqua which is Aqua Reflection.
I love the bottle of this Aqua Reflection. It's designed by Sebastian Gunawan (a famous Indonesian designer), so no wonder the bottle is gorgeous, I can't put myself to open the bottle and drink it because it looks so pretty (LOL).

And since the invitation was for two people so I asked my husband to join me, and therefore we have all those freebies above >> TIMES TWO! ^__^

And the most surprising freebie ever:
Hubby K won this washing machine from his office's door prize!
(above picture is from other source, not mine - sorry i forgot the link of the pic source)
Hubby K won this Electrolux Washing Machine in a door prize at his office's outing session in Waterbom Cikarang. How lucky is he?! And how lucky are we?!

Tepat sebelum undian doorprize diumumin, K telfon trus blg "yang, doain ya, kali aja kita menang iPad 2 atau laptop baru". 
Lalu istrinya yang sok bijak berkata "Berdoa nya gini: semoga menang barang yang kita butuhkan".
Eh lalu keluarlah si mesin cuci ituh!
Emang bener berarti saat ini yg kita butuhkan bukan iPad 2 atau laptop baru, kita lebih butuh mesin cuci buat ntar persiapan pindahan! ^__^ ALLAH memang maha bijaksana dan maha mengetahui, sekaligus Maha pemurah. Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamiin.... Terima Kasih Ya Allah atas rizkimu :)

 Pink giant mug from Waterbom :)
Dan karena pas saatnya pulang dari outing hubby masih punya sisa rupiah di deposit nya (masuk Waterbom memang pake sistem deposit jadi kalo beli makan minum dll cukup pake kartu deposit), akhirnya dia nukerin sisa depositnya sama 3 bulpen lucu dan 1 mug pink besar ini  ^__^ (bolpen nya udah dibagi-bagi). Sama satu lagi, dapet kipas merah cantik yang dibagiin dari kantornya, tapi ogut lupa foto euy buat dimasukin sini ;p

 And now, the Purchases:

 Hairdressing Scissors Set - $3.49 (around IDR 35.000).
Since I received my CreaClip for review purposes a few months ago I've been on the search for a good hair scissor to trim my hair properly. I've been using my regular scissor but it's not sharp enough so I only use it for trimming my bangs which doesn't need a lot of effort. But when I'm thinking of trimming my whole hair by myself using the CreaClip I thought I needed a good sharp hair scissor. I've tried to find it online locally but they were all expensive (IDR 40.000 to IDR 50.000 for one scissor). So when I found this set of two scissors only for around IDR 35.000 on eBay, I rushed and bought it, and so far I'm really satisfied with them! Mission accomplished :)

Lingerie Wash Bag - $1.37 (around IDR 10.000).
I also bought this on eBay. I have been looking for this kind of lingerie wash bag that I can use to wash all my delicates in my washing machine. With this mesh bag I hope all my bras would have longer wear time and won't be ruined easily like before. And with this simple mesh bag I can also wash my delicate underwear in my washing machine, and it has been making my daily routine much more easier now because I don't have to wash them by hands anymore ;)

And for our future Apt project I bought:
Marks & Spencer Moisture Rich Hand Wash in China Blue - IDR 59.000. 
I was surprised to see the price of Marks & Spencer's body care range when I browse through their store one afternoon at Grand Indonesia, I thought they were expensive like more than IDR 100.000 each. But it turns out that their price are actually mostly under IDR 100.000 ! Since I didn't bring much cash left since I already spent it for my lunch and taxi that day, so I only bought this hand wash, thinking of putting it in our basin in the future bathroom so our guests can use it. I chose the "China Blue" because we planned our future bathroom to have a blue theme, and because this one smells great and not too "florals" which hubby K would think too girly ;P


Two kitchen plates @IDR 19.900 - bought at Carrefour.
I love the vibrant colors of these plates. These are made of melamine but they have food grade certificate and formalin-free, and can be used in microwave too. Rencananya mau buat piring lauk nanti hehe The turquoise oval one has a matching green shade color as the square plate, I think it would look lovely if put together in the same table ;) >> Ngayal mode: On.

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Ciao, Bella!

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  1. ouou, Yur, so many goodybags n souvenirs and grand prize lucky draw too ... lucky you ..

    btw, that's the image of Aqua Reflections - looks very exquisite -- my supplier was talking bout it the other day but i have no idea how elegant an aqua bottle can look .. nice


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