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Friday, November 4, 2011

In August I received a hair-cutting guide tool from CreaClip for review purposes. I tried it with my bangs back then, and successfully trimmed it nicely. But now that my hair is starting to get a little bit out of control, I thought I'd give my hair an all-over trim with the Do It Yourself CreaClip tool. For you who didn't read my review post on CreaClip you can read it here so you'll have an idea on how CreaClip works for a DIY hair trim / hair cut that you can do it yourself at the comfort of your home.

So my hair has been too overly long for me to handle, it started to weigh me down because the layered hair style has gone awry and the tips are a bit dry, and it just feel limp and heavy at the bottom. And don't even get me started on the bangs! The bangs are really really long, it needs trim ASAP, it makes my face looks dull and gives an all-over very un-attractive hair style. So it was time for a little bit improvement.

Trimming are needed to make hair more healthy and lively. The layers also need trimming to keep them in shape, and the bangs need urgent attention, STAT. So I grabbed my CreaClip, watched a couple of their How-To videos, and just start it!


 I cut the length a bit and make it more proportional. In the first picture you can see the overly long layers that already looked like a mess with several hairs sticking out un-tamed. And then on second picture you can see that I tamed it a bit by trimming the layers and smooth some edges to make it more like a V-shaped.


I actually love the result! I love that it's not too much difference from my "before" hair style which means that I can keep the original hair style and succeeded in just trimming it!
I can still see the layers, shorten it to give it a fresh shape, and finally shorten the bangs a little bit. You can see in  first picture that my bangs is too long it disappear into the hairline. But on second picture you see that I cut it shorter so that I can still style my bangs and it gives me a more fresh look.

Here's another take on the new bang:

 The CreaClip is really easy to use, it gives you ideas as well as a guide to help you determine how short / long you want your hair to be, and what style you aim when trying to cut your hair. This is a simple tool created by a woman with genius idea behind it. And with this successful experience I guess I won't have to go to hair salon anymore for those expensive hair trims ^__^


  1. impressive!

  2. wow thank u for sharing! love your post deah ;) btw aku lagi ngadain giveway, ikutan yaa!!

  3. I actually cut my hair just like this about two weeks back! I love the results . . .

  4. amazing, this is the one of the thing very hard to do by ourself , cutting own hair.. and it does look good too.

  5. @Jas: Thank you :) it's not a perfect hair cut but it's not too bad for for first timer, no? ;p

    @Nisa: makasih udah mampir sini yaa... Baiklaah nanti aku ceki ceki giveaway nya yaa :)

    @Bridechic: Did you also cut your hair by yourself? I must learn some tips from you then, mine is still not perfect ^o^

    @Rebecca: Thank you Rebecca! With this tool it's not as hard as we think it would be, so the tool really works in my case :)

  6. where can i buy crea clip??

  7. Hi Anonymous..
    I don't think you can get CreaClip in Indonesia yet (sadly), but you can go straight to their website as they accept international orders.

    I never saw similar tool here in Indonesia so I'm afraid I can't give you wider options.

    Thanks for commenting!


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