2014 - A Year in Highlights

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

As usual, every start of the year I made this kind of posts where I review the previous year to look back and reflect about everything that has happened through the year. 2014 has been a very good year to me and my husband. I experienced a lot of great moments and wonderful times in 2014, GOD has been so kind and generous to us. There are a couple of my long-time goals that I finally achieved in 2014, and there are a lot of things to be thankful for. So although I didn't get all my deepest wishes back in 2014, I still count my blessings because we were blessed with so many things and lots of wonderful moments that are worth the wait. Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamiin... May the year 2015 and the years ahead of us would be even more remarkable and full of blessings. Amien..

So now on to the Year in Review :

At the start of the year we went for a short family holiday in Lembang with my husband's side of the family. The place was really nice and the view is beautiful. In January we also finally starts moving out to our new place! It was a momentous time for me and hubby K because we've been waiting for our own place for more than 3 years. And at the start of 2014 it finally happened and our new place is finally live-able :) Alhamdulillah...

(moving out process!)

Then in February we got another blessing where we trade our old car with a New car ! It was another momentous time for us because it came at the right moment and we were so blessed with it. February seems as my lucky month because aside from getting a new car, I also won some contests, yay! I haven't been participating in many giveaways and contests lately so I was surprised to win these two contests, especially winning a Kate Spade bag from FemaleDaily contest (Can't believe it! My first designer bag! For free!!) - Alhamdulillah..
The other contest that I won is a FatBurger contest which I actually joined for fun but turns out I won 3rd prize :) We won the Bolt 3G Wireless Modem that we later sold for IDR 300.000 to buy some decors for our new pad (not bad, yeah?) ;p 

The car was out from the dealer this month so in March 17th I took it for it's first drive :) I drove all the way from Fedex toll gate to the apartment. Another good news to note is that Hubby got a raise this month. Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamiin..

It's election day and it's the first time that I got my spirits up again with the election because I kinda like the candidate this time. I also started to read again because I wasn't having much spare time to read for the past several months due to moving out process and decoration projects. But now I started to buy books again and try to read it if I have any spare time. Nothing really special happened this month though...

It's hubby's birthday! We had our usual birthday date (dinner & a movie). Hubby K also took 5 days off work on his birthday week so we also went for a mini break to Puncak. We stayed at Novus Giri Hotel & Resort which I have fully reviewed HERE. During that week-off we also had a leisure day in Ancol beach, just me and hubby K. We had a ride in the gondola, we went to Columbus Cafe which is a newer cafe positioned out in the ocean, etc...
This month also marks the month where I finally can do "it" with confidence ;)

This month is our first time experiencing Ramadhan (Islamic fasting month) in our own place. I cooked for sahur but we usually buy something for iftar :) My cooking skills gained a few points this month, Lol. Also, I finally "do it" alone around this time - One more long standing resolution accomplished!

First time celebrating Ied day in our own place. Alhamdulillah... Although we didn't do Ied prayer at our place but it still feels different. This year we went to Bandung in the afternoon to celebrate Ied day with K's big family and we went back to Jakarta on day 2. 
This month I get to experience losing two of my most precious personal items. First, I lost my wallet due to an un-zipped loose bag that I wore that day, but fortunately a really kind lady found my wallet and gave it back to me the next day. Second time, I lost my wedding ring not long after I lost my wallet. I lost it in a taxi but fortunately the taxi was ordered by phone so they still have the taxi registration number and finally contacted the driver. The taxi representative came to my house the next day to return the ring. Thank you for the great service Blue Bird Taxi!

It's my birthday month! (^_^)
We had dinner at Sushi Tei where the waiters gave me the birthday sushi cake with candles lit! And then we went window shopping afterwards. As a present, K bought me my MK Jet Set East West Tote in Luggage via Reebonz. Sooo happyy...! Thankyou Hubby :D - We also had a little family trip to Ancol beach again.

I got bags-crazy this year and the PurseForum is my enabler, lol. I bought myself MBMJ Laptop Sleeve and Ipad Sleeve because they were discounted to 50% off! September is a great month for me because aside from the awesome discount above, I also had the chance to go with my old college friends to Singapore for a 3 days holiday. It's been a wonderful time because I get to visit USS which is also one of my long-standing goals from last years. We also went to Puncak again for a big family holiday. And finally this month I started to "do it" by myself regularly.

There was not much interesting things happening in October aside of a few event invitations. I finally had the time again to go to events because now I have more spare time. My mom also got a new cat around this time, a Persian-mixed white cat that we named Chibby. He is so cute and adorable and I couldn't get my hands off those luxurious lustrous fur!

This month is the start of my stationary crazy mode. I always love stationary and decorating planners etc but I haven't done that since college time, wtf?! So I was enabled by some of the stationary addicts in Instagram and Youtube that have ignited my old love of stationary, so the hunt for stationary stash begins this month. We also went to Ikea Indonesia the first time this month because last month (when Ikea just opened) the line is pretty crazy, so they say.

At the end of the year, we are starting again our long-postponed infertility program. It hasn't succeeded the first round but we're hoping that it would succeed the next round, Amien. Meanwhile, I got another thing to be thankful for because I got myself a new Longchamp bag from my project with one of my blog sponsor! I felt so blessed, Alhamdulillah.. It's an extremely nice freebie stuff to end the year with a bang! - (though I suspect it would lead to another bags/designer-crazy mode next year ;p)

In summary, three of my biggest personal highlights in 2014 were: 
  1. Moving out to our new place and started our life together in our own place.
  2. Traded the old car and got ourselves a new one.
  3. My Singapore trip with old college friends.

So thank you a lot 2014 for being so kind to me, and hopefully 2015 and the years ahead would be even better. Amien ...

Last  year I did a similar post but it's more towards highlighting what my blog has done in year 2013, if you want to read that you can CLICK HERE.

Adios Chicas,

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