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Saturday, January 3, 2015

How are you today, lovelies?
My day is great. I'm actually quite productive today. I took some photographs for the blog, I rearranged my big stash of soaps, I did a full body scrub and face mask, I decorated the first pages of my 2015 planner and re-organize my stationary stash a little bit. And then I also cooked lunch, reply old emails, ate dinner while watching movie with hubby K, and now I am back in front of my laptop, answering emails and writing blog posts, yay!

One of my goal for 2015 is to do more blogging and develop this blog into something better. So let's see about that ;)

Now on to my new blog series, I'm gonna have a couple of new blog series here and one of them is "Today's Drink" - which will feature a short/mini review on what I drink lately. Or just a highlight of my drink on that day because I like to switch my drinks daily and if you follow my instagram you will see lots of photos of me and my drink ;)

So without further ado, here are a couple of drinks that I tried the last two days. Both of these drinks are new to me so I'm gonna include a mini review on each of them. Let's start with the first drink. 
Yesterday I was feeling a little bit off and needed to de-stress. So I decided to drink this tea that my brother gave me a while back, and hoping that it would help me calm down and relax a bit.

The brand is called Traditional Medicinals, and my brother ordered it from an online drugstore and have it shipped here to Jakarta so I'm not sure whether or not you can get this tea locally here in Indonesia.

The actual name is Traditional Medicinals Tea in Organic Chamomile with Lavender, and it's a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea. I like the packaging on this one because I saw the box at my brother's room back in my parent's house. This is also my first ever caffeine-free tea!

The tea inside the bag looks very inviting with all those visible herbs picking out from the bag. When steeped, the tea has a pale green color almost like a brewed green tea. The scent is not too strong though, but I do smell a sweet fragrant chamomile in it.

As for the taste, my relationship with chamomile tea is actually pretty good, but I have a "love & hate" relationship with lavender tea. So what happened if it's a mixed of chamomile and lavender? 
I'm sorry but we just don't get along.

I don't know what happened there but I just found out that I don't really like a mix of chamomile and lavender herbal tea. Maybe if it was added with something else I would have liked it better, but I'm just not liking this one. You can definitely taste the chamomile and lavender combination, and there's that typical taste of herbal tea which feels a little bit raw. Maybe herbal tea is not for me? I don't know, I need to try more herbal teas now ...

Ok, that was yesterday, and today I tasted a new drink. 
I got this sachet drink from a colleague of hubby K who gave it to him at the office. After a failed attempt at caffeine-free chamomile lavender herbal tea yesterday, today's drink is a hit!

The drink is called Lipton Chai Latte, and it's a 3 in 1 drink so all you gotta do is add hot water. I think I've seen this variant in one of those online store that sells snacks but I forgot where I saw it. Anyway, this is my first time trying this and at first I was a bit skeptical because I once tried a chai latte and I'm not really a fan. But maybe a different brand means a different taste, right? So today I'm making one of these..

Turns out that I really like it. This Lipton version of Chai Latte is actually just a simple tea with milk and sugar. The concoction is really good and it reminds me of a simple teh tarik, a traditional Malaysian drink which is also a favorite of mine. I think this one would be good either served hot or cold. I used a taller glass instead of a little cup for this sachet and it tastes great!

I'm gonna ask hubby K to stalk his colleague and asked where did he get this drink because I want a big box of this !

What do you drink today?


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