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Sunday, January 11, 2015

For those of you who didn't know, I have a knack for fancy hand soaps :)
You might call me a snob but I just love hand soaps. The reason behind that is maybe because I'm kinda weird with my hands. I don't like my hands to feel dirty or dusty, or greasy or dry, etc. I like my hands to be clean and moist, ALL DAY LONG. 

So every time I do something like applying moisturizer to my face or after I pet my cats even for just a stroke, I would wash my hands afterwards. Even when I'm cooking I would do 3-4 times of hand washing during the cooking process (wash hands after slicing onions, wash hands after preparing eggs, wash hands before making rice, etc until I finished cooking). I would also wash my hands after I went outside, before making tea/coffee, after applying body lotion, etc - That's why I always wash my hands up to 5-10 times a day. And THAT's why I need a good hand soap. 

I need a good hand soap that would make my hands smells good and would not dry my hands with all those frequent washing that I did during the day. So that's when I started collecting fancy hand soaps. It's not for show-off, but it's because they doesn't dry my hands like the regular hand soaps do. So please don't judge me (*_^)

So anyway, I just recently purchased two new soaps from Bath & Body Works when they were having a sale last week ( 2 hand soaps for IDR 160k ), and I purchased their Aqua Blossom Deep Cleansing Hand Soap and Peach Bellini Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. 

Below are the whole collection of my hand soaps (PS: my stash is not that much, but it's probably too much for someone who doesn't collect handsoaps ;p) :

They are mostly from Bath & Body Works because I used to buy them when they were having huge sales on their website and then I have them shipped to my brother in law's address who was residing in the US at that time. I also bought a couple of them when I went to Singapore a few months ago when BBW were not available here yet in Jakarta.

But now Bath & Body Works has opened it's stores here in Jakarta and I am so excited because it is one of my favorite store! Me and hubby K also love BBW hand soaps especially the foamy hand soaps because they last longer than the regular hand soap (which means it saves us money on the long run), so most of my stash includes those foaming hand soaps from BBW.

 BBW Citrus Garland (my current kitchen sink handsoap)
BBW Cranberry Tangerine Foaming Hand Soap
BBW Fresh Sparkling Snow Foaming Hand Soap

 BBW Iced Ginger Bread (my current guest handsoap)
BBW Kitchen Lemon Foaming Hand Soap
BBW Peach Bellini Foaming Hand Soap

 BBW Aqua Blossom Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
BBW Twilight Woods Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Marks & Spencer Lily of The Valley Moisture Rich Hand Wash (my current bathroom handsoap)

From all my BBW hand soaps collection, only two of them are the Deep Cleansing variant which I think would be perfect for my bathroom sinks. The rest of them are the Gentle Foaming variant which is our favorite type of BBW hand soaps - which I like to use in the kitchen or when I have guests.

Before I tried BBW hand soaps I used to buy Marks & Spencer hand soaps because they have pretty packaging, they doesn't dry my hands even after repeated washing, and they smells great too. I also found a new hand soap brand that I found in Ace Hardware called Astonish that also smells great and surprisingly the scent lasts on my hands for a lot longer than any other hand soaps! So that's a score for me :)

 The last two of my Marks & Spencer hand soaps:
Lily of The Valley (which I'm currently using)
China Blue (which we finished recently)

 Astonish Milk & Honey Anti-Bacterial Handwash 
(which I'm currently using for my bedroom sink at my parents in law's house)

I think I would buy the Astonish hand soap again from Ace Hardware (in another variant, of course) because I love it so much. Every time I use this soap I can still smell the soft scent that lingers in my hand long after I washed my hands :) - This soap makes me want to always wash my hands!

One thing to note: it is a bit pricey for a hand soap (around IDR 40k when I bought it), but the bottle is huge (!) so I think it has the most higher value for money compared to BBW or Marks & Spencer hand soaps above (^_^). Totally worth trying out if you like fancy handsoaps like I do ;p

Do you love hand soaps too? 
Do you have a favorite brand of hand soaps?
Lemme know!

Adios Chicas!

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