Stationary Haul #1

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've been into stationery again lately and I bought two planners for this year's planning, so I did a lot of stationary hauls especially from the start of this month. I've been writing journals and decorating my planner since I was in college but when I had my 9 to 5 office job I didn't have extra time to decor my planner. This year I started using planner regularly again, and I was inspired by all the budding stationary-addict out there to decorate my planners and journal to make them look pretty :)

So, here is my stationary haul part 1. 
I bought all these things mostly to decorate my planner and journal, so you will see lots of stickers, sticky notes, page flags, etc ... 
Also, I plan to name my haul in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc -- so that I would know how many stationary hauls I did in one month.

One more thing, what you will see below are a collective haul from a week. So usually I would go and buy some stationary things 1-2 times a week (because I'm starting as newbie again so I still need to build my stationary / planner supplies). 

FYI for my foreign readers, I live in Jakarta - Indonesia so most of these things I got from local stores and Ebay. We don't have Target or Hema here so I usually shop at Scoop (a must-visit store for stationary addict!) and our local book store such as Gramedia, etc.

For week 1 of January I went to SCOOP and bought these :
Three Page Flags 
Vintage Post Card set
Vintage Bird Stamp Stickers
Two Fabric Tapes

I forgot about the scissor, it wasn't part of my Scoop haul. 
It's a "Wave" Crafting Scissor and I bought it at TM Bookstore.

My most favorite purchase are probably these fabric tapes. 
I bought two of them: one in pink floral design (with adhesive) and a neutral lace tape (with no adhesive)

And then I went to IKEA and bought these items which I would use for planner decorating and gift wrapping:
 A set of Gold Gift Tags
A set of Paper Ribbons

The Hello Kitty tall mug is not from Ikea, 
I bought it from TM Bookstore and it's for my pencil holders on my desk ;p

 The two items above are the ones that I got from Ikea

Then at the end of the week I went to SCOOP again and bought these:
 Rose Floral Round Tin
A set of "Internet Symbols" Page Flags
Kitchen Sticker set
Masking Sticker Set (>> I LOVETHIS!)
Two Deco Paper Tapes

 I really love the victorian romance theme in this haul :)
I love how pretty these deco paper tapes are!

 This is what's inside the Masking Sticker set. 
It comes with 8 different sheets full with a variety of stickers. You can see from the photo above that each sheet has different patterns, and each of the pattern has its own cutting lines in it. So all I have to do is just peel them! 
I really love this! Perfect to decorate any planner in a jiffy.

Lastly, here's the details of the page flag and kitchen stickers: 

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Happy Weekend, guys!


  1. hi, Yuri. Such a pleasure to meet a stationery-addict, because I'm a stationery addict as well! I do decorate my planner since I was on the 10th grader ( I'm 20 by this december anyway). I would love to see your planner , or maybe you can share us where we can find some cute stationery ( I usually shop at Scoop, House of Zakka, paper clip, and book stores that you've mentioned above) .

  2. Hai Dinar,

    Salam kenal! I will do more planner posts in the coming weeks. I just got a new planner last month! hehe Wait for my new posts yaa :)


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