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Monday, July 25, 2011

Here are some things I would love to highlight this week:

I was interviewed by Smashion website regarding my fashion blog "Two Thousand Things" !
If you would like to check out the interview please go here :)


I've been into Pinterest lately, and I found this dreamy place called Giethoorn, which is basically a village with no streets. It is the Venice of the Netherlands! Very gorgeous, I would love to come visit this magical and right-out-of-storybook-houses (or maybe even stay in one of the houses!) someday - Amen.
Click here to read more about the place.
It was founded around 1230 when fugitives coming from the Mediterranian regions settled there.


Aanndd..... I also found this one below via Pinterest!
Isn't he the cutest cat in tux everrr??
Haha I couldn't help but smile everytime I look at this photo. It is now on my computer screen as background pic ^o^ I also own a black cat, well 2 black cats actually, and I would looove to buy this faux tux collar and put it on them and take group photos! It would be too funny :D


I used NewsRack on my iPhone as RSS reader and I found it quite practical. I also love the alternative view of the reader that looks just like a real news rack! Below is what my 2 blogs looked on the Newsrack reader :)

And here are a couple of photographs I took and edited with instagram:
Colorful group of funny looking chairs at Informa
My youngest cat, Kiddo. We took him in because we assumed he is Blacky's son ^o^
And yep, he is just like his father. In attitude, that is!

So, what are your weeks like? Any stories to tell?
Oh and I would like to thank everyone who kindly commented on all my previous posts, it means so much to me that you guys actually read this blog. And I will surely come visit your blog too and leave some love there ;)


  1. Hehe thank you, itu bapaknya item juga dan kucingku juga, dari kecil dia malah nempelin bapaknya mulu bukannya emaknya ;p

  2. that place called Giethoorn is very gorgeous, indeed! I would also love to visit those magical and beautiful storybook houses! I could recommend you another fairytale home, namely,'The Witch's House' from Beverly Hills. I saw it last year and I was very impressed of it! Its owner, Michael Libow must be so proud of this awesome home!


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