My Top 5 Glee Songs (Season 2)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Are you a Glee fan too? I do! And my husband too! We both are like crazy about Glee, our iPod is full with Glee songs, our mobile phones are filled with Glee songs too haha
Well, if you read my blog long enough maybe you remember that I did a post on my Top 5 Glee songs from Season 1, and now I want to do a new list, it's my Top 5 Glee songs from Season 2 :)

And here they are below (listed by most favorite). So the number one on my list is:

Landslide (Dixie Chicks - originally by Stevie Nicks)
Holly Holliday with Santana Lopez & Brittany Pierce aka Gwyneth Paltrow with Naya Rivera & Heather Morris

This is the number one on my top 5 Glee Season 2 list! I loved this song since I heard it on American Idol but I wasn't paying too much attention then, but this version is D.O.P.E >>> Dope!!
Loved how Gwyneth sang it. And people have been talking about the actual meaning of the song since it first came out like years and years ago (yes, this is a vintage song), because the lyrics are a bit confusing. Well I guess everybody can make their own interpretation then ^o^

Umbrella / Singing In The Rain (Rihanna feat Jay Z / Gene Kelly)
Sung by: Holly Holliday & Will Schuester aka Gwyneth Paltrow & Matthew Morrison)

OMG this is probably the best mash-up in Glee Season 2. I'm never really into Rihanna's "Umbrella" until now ^__^ 
And to mash it up with Gene Kelly's classic song "Singing in the rain" is actually really perfect in theme and harmony. Dear Glee musical director and team... great job, bravo!

Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)
Sung by The Warblers

I love The Warblers, they're good. No, make that Great! I love Blaine when he sings ^o^
I don't know if the sound on this video is good enough for you, I tried to find better ones on youtube but there are scarce, can you believe that?! Come on people, didn't I tell you The Warblers are good? Post more HD videos of them please.

Unpretty / I Feel Pretty (TLC / West Side Story)
Sung by: Quinn Fabray &Rachel Berry aka Dianna Agron & Lea Michele

This is also another brilliant mash-up song from Glee Season 2 (Bravo again to you dear Mr.Musical Director & team..). 
Gosh, I love this song when it was sung by TLC a loooong time ago and when I hear it again on Glee, with some added chorus from the West Side Story ("I feel pretty, and witty, and bright..") - I thought it was genius! Love the theme, love the lyrics combines, love the new arrangement, and love how the most competing gals in Glee sang it together!

The Only Exception (Paramore)
Sung by Rachel Berry aka Lea Michelle

This is on my top 5 list because Rachel is singing this so beautifully and because this is a wonderful song. Simply put.

There you go.. My Top 5 Glee Songs from Season 2. Oh and I actually have one more favorite song that should go into the Top 5 but it wasn't fully sang in the episode, just a short tunes of it, so I didn't put it in the Top 5 list, but nonetheless it is one of my favorite scene so I think I should upload it here too (just so you'll know ;p):

Telephone (Lady Gaga)
Sung by: Rachel Berry & Sunshine Corazon aka Lea Michelle & Charice (!)

I'm sorry I couldn't found any videos with this scene that don't have "Twentieth Century Fox" on it, I like this scene so much, i think it's both amazing & hilarious ^o^ And it featured one of my fave young singer Charice which I have mentioned before in this blog three years ago!

So, How bout you? What are your top five Glee songs? ^o^


  1. Umbrella / Singing In The Rain is definitely my fav :D

  2. I loved telephone Rachel and Sunshines diva awesomeness. It was great.
    The warblers are also the best thing ever.

  3. @Monica: Thanks for your comment! Yes that Umbrella/Singing in the rain mash-up is so great!! Love it :D

    @JerbyJu: Uh-huh I agree with you, The Warblers are the best addition to Glee! They sing beautifully, don't they?!


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