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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's been a long time since I posted photos of my cats. Yesterday, one of my cat, Bleki is having a silly moment (isn't he always silly?!) so I snapped a picture of him while he's taking his nap. He seems a bit bigger compare to his old photos so I guess he must have gained some weight. He's starting to be heavy too when I carry him on my shoulder. Here he is..., the outrageous cat ^o^


7 days ago my mother-in-law was having a Birthday. Me and hubby decided to buy her a brooch for her birthday present. It's quite a challenge finding a present that suitable for a mother-in-law not to mention that she seems to already has everything she needs. So we came up with this brooch because she's been seen wearing brooches lately. We bought this brooch online and when it arrived, (thankfully) the real thing is as gorgeous as the picture ^__^
Anyway she's happy with the present and luckily she said she doesn't have a black brooch yet so it's our lucky guess, I guess... ^o^


And these are some inspirational pictures for the week. I love the past eras and these photos could tell many stories about those forgotten era. I wonder who's the girl and the woman behind these lovely pictures and what were their stories:


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Have a great weekend, everyone!


Lora said...

What a gorgeous brooch!

Aik said...

Pretty brooch! I have 2 giveaways running on my blog. Please visit to enter. =)


adamantixx said...

i love those old photographs too...just looking at them fills my head with all sorts of daydreams about what their stories might have been.

OMGSeriously said...

LOVE THE CAT PIC :) .... I just got 2 kittens yayyyy. lol

TigerLily said...

Thanks for the lovely comments you guys... ^__^

Zaira said...

Awww what a cute kitty!!!!!!!!