Coffee Review : Boncafe Colombiana

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lately I've been enjoying sipping this coffee from Boncafe. Right now there's only a little bit of it left on the bottle because I've been drinking it almost everyday since I got it. 

It is the Boncafe Colombiana coffee blend. I got it in Hypermart Supermarket at Kemang Village. I love shopping my groceries there because the veggies are fresh, the assortment of poultry and seafood are more than adequate, and the variety of products are abundant including lots of imported products such as this Boncafe Colombiana coffee.

It's my first time trying Boncafe brand, and out of all the imported coffee brands on the rack at the time I bought it, the Boncafe was the cheapest one (^o^). So being a frugal-istic lady of course I chose the cheapest one from the expensive range, lol. 

On the bottle it says that it's an imported product from Malaysia, but it is packaged in Germany by special arrangement by Boncafe International, Singapore. So what does it mean? Does it mean that it's a Singaporean company, a German company, or a Malaysian company?

Anyway, there were other blends from Boncafe such as Morning blend, Espresso, etc at the rack but I chose the Colombiana because that's what intrigue me the most. The Colombiana is a Latin American Arabica beans roasted to Full City or medium-dark for a rounded mouth-feel with a slight floral scent and nutty, bittersweet aftertaste.

The real taste was really good. I usually only use 1 teaspoon of this blend, mixed with my usual creamer which is the Nescafe creamer, and one sachet of sugar. I usually only filled my cup with 3/4 of water with any blend of coffee, and I think it works great with this Colombiana blend too.

Overall, it's a really good-tasting coffee. It's definitely thicker than my usual Nescafe ones but it's not too "dark" or too "roasted". I like to have a bit heavier taste for my morning coffee and a lighter one for my afternoon coffee. So this Boncafe Colombiana is perfect for my morning routine. It's slightly nutty and it does have a bittersweet taste to it which I love. If you prefer your coffee "dark" and bitter you might skip the creamer and just add sugar instead ;)

I would love to buy this again and I'm also recommending this to everyone who loves to try new coffee. I would also love to try another variant from Boncafe in the future :)

Coffeeholic Unite!
 - Yuri -


  1. nice post. I'm buying one for myself too then. actually at Tesco right now trying to decide which one I should try next.

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