March 25, 2011

My Short Trip: Surabaya, Madura, Malang - Part 2 (Cont..)

Note: This is a photo loaded post.

(This is a continual post.. Please see previous post first..) 

Ke kebun binatang kalo nggak foto sama binatang nya ya nggak seru toh? hehe..
If you go to the zoo without taking any photo of you WITH the animals, then it's a waste.. hehe
I know that's not a happy smile, honey.. That's a frigtened smile ;) smooches!
My brother. It's his first time holding a snake.
We know you're worried and a little bit scared. You can't fool face expression hehe
Hey why are you smiling now? don't you notice where the snake's head is ??? You should be worried when you CAN'T see the snake's head! the snake's head might creep up inside your sleeves, bro!
I know you're still frightened, honey.. ;)
I love being photographed with any kinds of animals. I already have 2 photos of me with snakes on my album so this is the 3rd time. I had bigger snakes put around my head in Bali. It was huge and heavy, i tell ya!

The snake's skin pattern looks good for a scarf around my neck, don't you think?

This is the cage behind us when we took our snake photos. Sleepy kangaroos. This is a tree kangaroo so it's smaller than the common kangaroos.

Another zone (this zone is inside a building so there are lots of night animals here since it's dark inside):
Polkadot mantarays! Looks cute enough as skirts, don't you think?

Wild Animals:
This one is a very playful tiger. He is munching on a piece of wood/tree branch here.
Reminds me of my cat so much...

The cage of Blackey's ancestor hahaha

Blackey is one of my cat, he is a black cat. All black with a strike of white on his chest and belly. Blackey looks so much like a panther / black jaguar. So i consider this panther as Blackey's ancestor -LOL

Mmm...excuse me Mr.Panther.. hello?
Oh you're awake! We're sorry we woke you up, we had a message from Blackey, he says he needs your photo for his family tree album. K'thx bye.
 And this is the rest area. We can sit right beside a pond full of flamingos and little birds. This flamingos are orange in color.

Looks like the baby elephant is happy when I gave him carrots, he smiles happily :)

Pindah ke zona lain ada koridor yang panjang dan lebar dimana kita bisa melihat binatang gurun seperti zebra, elks, dll yang wara wiri dengan bebasnya di kedua sisi koridor. Seperti biasa, nggak ada dinding di koridor, hanya dinding kaca tebal yang membuat kita bisa bebas nontonin binatang.

Moving to another zone there's a long wide corridor where we could see desert animals such as zebras, elks, etc running around freely on both sides of the corridors. There's no wall in the corridors, only thick wall glasses, so we can watch the animals freely.

koridor dengan dinding kaca di kiri dan kanan, bisa lihat binatang sambil duduk-duduk.

Setelah area istirahat ada area anak-anak seperti kolam renang, ada juga penyewaan kuda dengan rute mengelilingi penangkaran kuda nil dan buaya, ada pula sangkar burung yang besar banget dimana kita bisa masuk ke dalam dan ngasi makan burung dari tangan kita, jadi kita yang disamperin burung-burung, pasti bagus tuh buat difoto, sayangnya nggak tau kenapa biasanya burung sama saya suka nggak akur. Jadi terpaksa saya skip yang ini deh.

There's a kids activities area such as fun pool right after the resting area. There's also a horse ride that hoes through hippos and crocs farm, a giant bird cage where we could go inside and fed the birds from our hands, all the birds will flock to us, sounds very exciting but birds sometimes don't like me so I skipped that.

Kami lalu memasuki Safari Farm yang ternyata jadi atraksi paling favorit buat kami! Jadi di Safari Farm itu kita naik semacam bis/kereta api terbuka di mana kita bisa ngasi makan langsung ke mulut hewan-hewan! Kereta api / bis akan berhenti sebentar di tengah kandang besar (and 3 kandang), trus hewan-hewan pada lari-lari nyamperin kita buat minta makan, lucu banget. Ngasi makannya juga langsung ke mulut mereka jadi kita bisa sambil ngelus-ngelus kepalanya. Ah, ini benar2 yang paling mengesankan buat saya. Makanan untuk hewan bisa dibeli di pintu masuk. Dan disediakan wastafel di dekat pintu keluar jadi kita bisa langsung cuci tangan setelah menyentuh dan memberi makan binatang.

We entered the Safari Farm which turns out to be our most favorite attraction in the Zoo! In Safari Farm we ride an open train/bus in which we can feed the animals from it! The train/bus will stop for a while so the animals can come to us and we can feed them straightly to their mouth. This is such great experience for us. Food are available for purchase at the entrance. And a sink is provided too near the exit so we can wash our hands after touching and feeding the animals.


Dan rute terakhir adalah Tiger Show. Dari namanya udah ketauan kalau yg ini khusus harimau, ada harimau albino segala lho. Kandangnya gedeee bangett. Dan seperti biasa, dindingnya dari kaca segede gaban jadi kita bisa nontonin si harimau lagi ngapain aja di kandang gede mereka. Sedikit menakutkan...tapi gagah gimanaaa gitu. Sedikit sedih ketika saya membaca di salah satu papan info disitu bahwa ternyata orang masih memburu mereka untuk dibunuh, sedih banget baca dan liat foto harimau nya disiksa, hancur hati gue.

And the last leg of the zoo route is the Tiger Show. This is specially for tigers, they even has albino tigers there. Their cages are huuuggee, so they can roam freely in there and we can watch it's every move from the giant big glass wall that separate us from them. A bit eerie.. but magnificent. A bit sad when I read that people are still hunts for them to be killed, there's a board with sad killing stories on the wall, my heart wrecked.

Indian tigress, love it's cage
Sumatran Tiger (it's resting in the terrace of that fake traditional house, can you spot it?)
We can walk right beneath the lion's cage and see them from below.
And on the other cage, we can stand above the albino tiger's cage. The observation deck has bottom glass so we can see them right beneath our feet!

Oh, and here's the highlight 
of the day in the zoo:

Pfiuh, panjang amat yak post nya, kayanya ini posting terpanjang yang pernah saya publish di blog deh.maaf ya kalo ngabisin kuota atau kalo komputer mu jadi lemot gara-gara buka post ini. Oh tapi ini belum berakhir, saya belum cerita tentang museum! Saya musti ngasitau betapa kerennya itu museum! Tapi next post aja ya (ya iyalah), yang tadinya mau di split jadi 2 post malah sekarang jadi 3 post haha Mudah-mudahan ga bosen bacanya yah..

Pfiuh, that's a very long post. This is probably the longest post I've ever published. Sorry if it's burdening your bytes quota or if  it makes your computer runs slow. I still have another post about the museum! I gotta tell you about how great the museum is! But I'll save it for next post, ok? I was gonna make this holiday post into 2 posts but turns out that I'm gonna need 3 posts instead, ha! Hope you're not so bored with it..

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The Hotel, The Zoo, and The Museum, plus the giant ferris wheel is all part of Jatim Park 2 complex. Click here to go to the website. 

Credits: All photos on this holiday trip series are taken either by me, hubby, or my brother.

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