I Swear To Drunk, I'm Not God

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I read something about drinking games the other day and i thought they are actually a hilarious game. There are many varieties of drinking games but of course it was purely for party fun and never intended to promote a drinking behavior. 
If you asked me, I don't drink. Because I never like it. 
But if you're talking about drinking tees, well I wouldn't mind about that ^__^ You know I always love t-shirts with fun characters, especially tees with words on it or tees with funny graphics. And a funny quotes on beer related t-shirt design sounds like a fun tee to wear ^o^

As an avid online surfer and shopping enthusiast I never realized that there is actually an online store who sell specialty themed t-shirts, such as couple t-shirts only, or drinking t-shirts only. It's kinda weird in a fun way. In example: a website that only sell drinking t shirt. They got beer t-shirts for the frat guy, wine t-shirts for the more sophisticated guy, and you can guess the rest. If you love to drink (or know someone who does), then this is the perfect place to get some cool drinking t shirt. 

I only love the tees not the beer though.

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