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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi guys, I'm back from my short trip !
It was a really fun family trip and I will surely be blogging about the places I've been, I just have to wait for the photos because my brother took the camera with him to his place so I can't upload any good pics now.. The post will have to wait until i get the camera.

I also heard about Japan earthquake and tsunami during my holiday, and it was such a heart wrenching news, to see the news is like watching a movie but it's not animated, it's real! And the fact that it's real and it took many lives and wiped out a city really frightens me, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families. Let us all pray for Japan..


Ok, now I was planning to post a review + giveaway today but I just need to make sure one thing from the sponsor before I upload the post, and the sponsor hasn't got back to me yet so the giveaway post must wait a little while more, sorry...

So as blogging a review + giveaway today is a fail, I decided to put up some home decorative ideas that I thought might be useful for me in the future (and hopefully will be useful to you too).

Me and hubs are planning to move to our new small apartment soon, it's a really small apartment compared to Jakarta's metropolitan apartments but although it's small we believe that it's enough for us right now, we couldn't have asked for more. So I spent my spare time looking and browsing for small space decor inspiration/ideas and I thought why don't I put it here on this blog as my personal idea book so when the time comes I could go back to this post to see some ideas. So here are some videos that I found on Youtube that I thought would be great for my future apartment decor inspirations:

  • Colorful Paint
  • Big Furniture ??
  • Mirrors
  • Complementary Furnishings
  • Sheer Curtains
  • Subway / Glass tile for bathroom or kitchen
Colorful paint, Mirrors and Sheer Curtains are already on my head since I walked into the apartment sample unit for the first time, I'm glad I have the right things on my mind.
I'm not sure about the big furniture though, because I never into big furniture since I'm a small person so I feel like I could be swallowed by the size of bigger furniture, so I might not use this idea. The subway/glass tiles idea for the bathroom is considerable but i originally want to use mosaic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen. Do you think mosaic tiles are good enough for a really small bathroom?

  • Love the garbage bin inside the built in cabinet. The space for our kitchen will be very small I don't think I could put a garbage bin on any corner that would not distract us so this idea is a perfect solution. Let's just hope that we could have a wider area for the kitchen cabinet ^o^
  • I also love the pull-out standing drawers that stands right beside the stove. I think it's a brilliant idea to have your cooking utensils ready on the left while having your spice racks on the right side of your stove. Cooking made easy!
  • I also love the pull-out rack inside a cupboard on minute 1:55 -- that one is a must!
I've always wanted an organized kitchen with hidden drawers, dividers, etc just like this one. And I thought it's a great solution for tiny kitchen. The utensils divider within a drawer is already on my mind too. Separating your spoons, forks, knives, etc are very helping when it comes to dining and kitchen utensils.

I will put on some more ideas on decorating small spaces in this blog. Meanwhile, here are a couple of videos where you could watch a cool and homey decoration of a small attic bedroom and a small apartment. I hope they could give you more ideas ^o^ .. :

Coolest room makeover:


Coolest smallest apartment:

Hope you like it..
See ya!


  1. Oooooooooo Yuri!

    This is the Perfect video to watch as i am setting up my house ! LOL! Great ideas in there! Thanks for the post!

  2. I am definitely not so sure about the "big furniture in a small space" to make it look larger idea. I liked Ron's apt. a LOT!!

  3. Thank you for commenting guys :)


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