Tuesday Decor Ideas: The Terrace

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where would your guests be knocking if not in the terrace? Where would you be sipping hot afternoon tea while people watching if not in your terrace? Where would you have your brunch while watching the kids play in the backyard if not in your terrace? Where would you gather with family and friends while munching over warm food if not in your terrace? And where would you read your book until you fall asleep under the soft wind and the chirping of the birds if not in your terrace?

Here are some decorative ideas on how to do a comfortable and inviting terrace:

This is a closed terrace but it feels like it's an open terrace thanks to big white windows and the light and airy furniture used such as rattan sofas, and the green window panes are also gorgeous.
Country Living

 Another example of a closed terrace. I love this one because it has a neutral color that's very warm and inviting. The simple furniture and the rock-domed wall is perfect.
Design Sponge

 Love this airy space. It doesn't need a lot of furniture and details to make a great terrace. This one has very simple wooden furniture set and simple cushions in two-tone colors. Add a slightly interesting hanging lamp and you're done!
House To Home

 Another lovely spot, this could be right beside a swimming pool or in a corner of your backyard. This one has a slightly moroccan feel to it, or is it mexican? I'm not sure. But I SURE love those colors and lighting variations ;)
House To Home

 This terrace is on the upper floor but it still as comfy looking as the downstairs terrace. Love the color used here and the cushion/pillow looks very inviting too. Don't forget the flower shrubs, no terrace is complete without a view of a flower pot or shrubs ;P
Small Place Style

This one is also a terrace on the upper floor. It has different decor style than the above upper floor terrace but it's as soothing and inviting as the above terrace. I love the warm colors used here and i also love the use of no big sofas here, all you see is soft pillows!

Last but not least, this is probably my most favorite terrace pic. I love the warm and inviting atmosphere in this terrace. The striped cushions paired with rattan sofa and the rustic view is just perfect. Throw on some woods in the fireplace and you can call this heaven ;)
Small Place Style
I hope you get some inspirations from this post :)
And see you on next week's Tuesday Decor!


  1. What great inspiration! I love the airy space with the arbor over top!

    gina.m.maddox AT gmail DOT com

  2. love the ideas and styles !just can wish and dream as we have rented house

  3. I LOVE the upper deck terrace, so pretty and cozy looking!


  4. I love your unique decorative ideas, hope to have my own house soon so that i could decorate it myself. I love the Country Living style, cozy i like the green and white color combination.

  5. I really like the glass doors concept and I love the outdoor room, especially if it is under cover, but unencumbered to the 'open area'. We've talked about building a pergola with some outdoor fabric swags and canopy but that could only really be used in the winter here. The sun and rain is far too destructive. Great piece, I'd take any of them, especially the penthouse with the roof terrace in any city!!!

  6. Great ideas, looks like a little piece of heaven :)

  7. These are very wonderful ideas for terrace decorations. A lot of homeowners are surely excited to try one of these. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful space and is ideal for life. Thank you very much ...

    I found a lot of ideas like that at: http://www.homedesignlove.com/1540-cool-terrace-decoration-ideas.html


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