Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can't believe that finally the book is mine.
I have been wanting this book for so long.
Ever since my hubby introduced me to LUCKY Magazine (which by that time, it hasn't even available in local bookstores yet) I fell in love with the magz!
It was like finding my ultimate ideal magazine!
This is my most FAVORITE MAGAZINE ever!
In the cover it says: The Magazine About Shopping. And it is indeed! Less articles, more pictures of clothes and accessories and beauty tools.
I looove everything about LUCKY !!

As soon as I fell in love with LUCKY, I started to hunt it down everywhere. Usually I could find them in Used Magazines/Book Store like Newsstand. I've searched almost every Newsstand outlets I could find near my area to buy every available issue of Lucky Magz. It was like I'm collecting them. ^o^

Inside one of their pages, I found an advertising about this book that was made by the Editor-In-Chief and the Creative Director of Lucky Magazine.
The book was called: The Lucky Shopping Manual.

When I first saw the Ad I was screaming to myself :"Ooh...I Got to have the Book !!"
But "How?" because it was obviously expensive if I ordered it through Aksara, and it would be as pricey if I bought it online (because of the shipping & handling cost, not to mention the delivery time and the custom's process which could take a total of at least a month for the book to be delivered at my door), I couldn't do that, and no one could guarantee that the book will arrive safely in mint condition from the oversea shipping.
That's why I used to only dream and wish when I ever gonna have that book.
This year the book was in it's 7th printing and I still couldn't get my hands on it.
My hubby must be tired of listening to my whining and wishful thinking because every time I open the page where they put the Book's Ad I will automatically whine and annoyingly telling my hubby of how much I wanted that book.

But, I think maybe God hear my whining and all those wishful thinking because towards the end of last year, I heard news that EMIL (my brother-in-law) will be coming home from USA and I thought: "why not I just bought the book online, sent it to his address and ask him to help bring my book to Indo" - it wouldn't take too long and the S&H will be much cheaper because I could send it to Emil's address in USA instead. Therefore I would get local S&H cost instead of international S&H, and I could find the cheapest book's price via internet (whichever sells them cheaper).

So after getting this bright idea (and my hubby thinks it's a GREAT idea that I can finally have the chance to get my dream book) I started to browse ebay and amazon to search for the cheapest price available.
I found the cheapest one in (other than new books they also sell used books-which some of them are cheaper than ebay).
Apparently I end up not just ordering THE LUCKY MANUAL SHOPPING book but also it's 2nd edition: THE LUCKY GUIDE TO MASTERING ANY STYLE. ^__________^

You know what the surprising fact is?
My brother-in-law said he will pay the bill for me as a gift!!
So i'm getting the books for free!!
How lucky is that?!
I am a lucky bastard afterall ^o^

My hubby also bought a comic (or should I say: a graphic novel), titled: Watchmen (which surprisingly, after the books have reached his hands, we heard from TV that hollywood's gonna make the movie of WatchMen, hmm...nice choice Nan! ^^ I should go read it before the movie hit theaters).

So, that's a little of my life-story, starting from wanting and dreaming the book for as long as I could remember, then finally holding the books in my hands... It feels like a dream come true..
Mungkin sedikit berlebihan untuk sebagian orang, but for me it was like "getting-what-I-always-wanted-but-never-thought-that-I-could-get-it" kinda feeling.
It was almost magical...


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