2015 - Summary

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And sorry for not posting regularly for so long!

So Happy New Year to you ! And as usual, at the start of the year I always did a "Year in Review" post to see what I've been up to during the whole year. If you're interested you can read it on my other blog HERE. Meanwhile, I would like to post a little summary here based on the "Year in Review" post. This summary list is for my own personal reference and notes :

2015 Trips :
1. Bandung (Dusun Bambu & Geology Museum)
2. Anyer Beach (West Java)
3. Bandung (Savoy Homann Hotel)
4. Puncak (West Java)

2015 Hotels :
1. Jayakarta Hotel, Anyer Beach - West Java
2. Arion Swis-Bell Hotel Kemang, Jakarta
3. Savoy Homann Hotel, Bandung
4. Villa Eyang, Puncak (rented villa)

PS: You can click the link above to read about the story or the review


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