Stationary Haul #4

Friday, September 4, 2015

Haven't uploaded my stationary things lately so here are a couple of some previous purchases from local bookstore :

When I went to the mall to have dinner with my family I sneak inside this little stationary store called Office1 to look for new stationary stuffs. I only had 5 minutes extra time to go into the store and come out again to meet my family, so I ran into the store, did a quick sweep on things that I could buy, and found this cute craft punch that came with 4 different punches, and also spotted this vintage-themed name stickers that I thought I could use for my planner. So I grab those fast, ran to the cashier, and went out the store in 5 minutes (;p)

Below are the things that I got from Ebay. I used to scoured ebay for cheap stationary pieces but currently I don't do that anymore because now I have found some online stores that sell the exact same stationary pieces with an even cheaper price. I also don't have to wait for a long delivery time with these local online stores as I usually would when I'm buying from ebay. So these are my last haul from ebay from a couple months ago (maybe I would shop stationary from ebay again if I found something from hema) :

Those are accumulative hauls, sourced from different ebay sellers. I bought and won the bid of a rainbow round-sticker set, a floral fabric tape, a die-cut type masking tape, and I also won a set of 10 deco tapes in various patterns.

The theme of this deco tape set is "pink/red" and my favorites include the Parisienne themes, the red bow, and the Hello Kitty one ;)

Next is a purchase I made from one of my most favorite local store to buy stationary from : TM Bookstore. If you live in Jakarta and love stationary you should definitely check out TM bookstore. I'm not sure whether it's also available in other cities but you can definitely check on google for its locations.

I found some cute stickers there; from Sushi sticker set, musical note sticker, smilies sticker, cherry sticker, as well as two ribbons (silver & gold) for gift wrapping, and also a deco tape! I've been wanting to try a deco tape and I'm so glad I found one at TM bookstore. I am currently loving this and will def buy more of this deco tape ;)

Then a couple weeks later I went again to TM bookstore in another location and found these cute little things on the site :

This time I got so many stuffs and did a big haul including stickers, sticky note pads, wooden stamps, as well as pretty looking paper clips!

I'm trying some stamps on my planner as part of decoration so I needed cute stamps to add to my collection. I also love using deco sticker set which is a set of stickers in random patterns and shapes. It looks like this one below: 

My favorite hauls from this one are definitely the sticky note sets which comes with beautiful covers and pretty looking sticky notes inside. I bought all three of the available pattern because I just love them all (^_^)

That's it for my fourth haul this year. It's actually hauls from months ago but I just posted it now. I've been neglecting my planner these past several months but I'm planning to get back on it soon. I also have another stationary haul that I plan to upload soon, so please stay subscribed if you love stationary stuffs :)

To see my previous stationary hauls you can click HERE and HERE.

Happy planning!

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