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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me and K have been on the go lately, we've been spending many of our times outside of the house so we often eat in restaurants and malls. I love eating out because I get to eat different style of food everyday, such as Japenese for today, Italian for tomorrow, etc.. But I don't like how it affects my wallet though, LOL.. But still, a girl gotta eat! ;p

Here's what we ate lately.. 
  • Did you know that Sushi Tei is now having a special promo: if you dine there during the week of your birthday (not necessarily on the day of your Bday but as long as your Bday is within the week you dine there), you will get a complimentary of Free Birthday Cake (they will check your id, of course). But at Sushi Tei the birthday cake is not a sweet kind of cake, but instead it's a Sushi cake! A rice cake with salmon sashimi, prawn, egg roll, etc.. (plus a little candle for you to blow and make a wish ;p)
  • We were stranded in a nearby mall one day after going there to buy something but only to found out that the thing we were planning to buy is unavailable. So we sat and feeling disappointed and decided to just go back home again. But then I saw Red Mango stall near the basement parking door and asked K if I could buy a cup of sweet happiness to cheer me up.. ;p I end up ordering the mix blueberry yoghurt with lychee and jelly toppings, yumm... and healthy too :D 

  • I always arrived early (if not on time) for a meeting or event, and sometimes I arrived waaayyy too early (because I just don't want to be late ;p). And one day when I was arriving early for the Make Up Forever event at Plaza Indonesia I spent the extra time filling my belly at Oh La La Cafe. I love the one in Plaza Indonesia because the place is rather secluded so there would usually no crowd and it was such a comfortable seating area. The food and drinks are affordable too. That afternoon I ordered a Moroccan Mint Tea and a Poulet Croissant (=chicken croissant). My belly was warm and content :)
  • Another day when K picked me up after an event, on the way home we stopped by at Gandaria City Mall to have dinner. After looking around we decided to eat at Roppan. We never ate at Roppan before so I thought let's give it a try. We both had different kinds of Bento Mix and ordered this yummy looking Ice Cream Bread Pudding for dessert! It looks yummy and tasted yummy as well, nyammm ;p 

  • Another day we had lunch at our most favorite restaurant Kin No Taki because it's been a long time since we ate there and I was craving for some teppanyaki too. We had various teppanyaki and I also ordered one of my fave: Agedashi Tofu for appetizer while K ordered his fave: Cawan Mushi. The photo above is the Agedashi Tofu I ordered, Kin No Taki have one of the best Agedashi Tofu so if you're eating there make sure to order one ;) - I reviewed Kin No Taki here -
  • On the weekend me and K went to the mall to meet up with K's parents. While we waited for them to arrive we suddenly remembered that we haven't had lunch yet! So we had a really late lunch at Beppu Menkan because I was craving for some Ramen noodles this time ;) Of all the noodles in this world, I love Ramen the most! LOL. I usually always ordered spicy ramen in any ramen restaurant, but this time I decided to try the savoury one. And surprise surprise, it was as tasty as the spicy one! After writing this I feel like I want to go to Beppu Menkan again ^o^

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