Cats Update: Bleki

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey you...

Just want to do another quick post here... I was browsing through my photo folders on my computer and stumbled upon my cats photos, so here I present to you one of my dumbest-but-so-irresistibly-funny looking cat, Bleki (read: blackey) :

I am Superman Supercat !

 His face expression always makes me laugh :

 Here's one pic of when he was wounded from catfight:

I love to tease him because he makes the most hilarious face:

 He is the biggest cat I ever owned.
He is so big that many people actually thought that he is a dog when they first saw him ;p
One of his favorite sleeping post: on top of any of our cars

Another classic Bleki's moment:
 Holding on to a feather duster while sleeping on top of dad's work table

 Because he is the biggest cat in the neighborhood so he always bully other cats.
This is another result from catfighting, wounded upper lips:

And this is how I roll, folks !

He is so hilarious, 
I love him ! ;p


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