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Thursday, August 9, 2012

First of all, just FYI.. I'm fasting during the day because this is the holy Ramadhan month, and that's why I wrote and published this post late at night. So I would like to apologize in advance if incase you're reading this during the day and might be drooling because of the food photos hehe ;p

So anyway,...
Me and K love to eat in Curry restaurant. After trying Go!Curry (which I was planning to review here but sadly I lost the photos, sob..), we decided to also try another curry restaurant which is: Mr.Curry

Mr.Curry has become one of our fave to dine in because we fell in love with their Salmon Carpaccio! 

This restaurant currently has two branches in Jakarta: the one in Grand Indonesia, and the one in Pondok Indah Mall 2. Our first Mr.Curry experience was at their counter in Grand Indonesia, but the counter that we visited the most is the one at Pondok Indah Mall 2 because it's closer to where we live. 

We love both of their counters as they were designed with similar themed decor. Both places are quite comfy despite most of the seating arrangements are quite close to each other (meaning: your table might be arranged closely to another table). But the overall atmosphere is quite pleasant. It was designed as if it was in a homey kitchen complete with kitchen utensil as part of the decor.

the photo above is from Mr.Curry's Facebook page

There was also an arrangement of fake dishes in a glass wall display that resembles the real dishes on the menu, this type of art is called "sampuru (サンプル)". 
The display is visible from outside as well as inside the restaurant. I saw this Sampuru display in the Grand Indonesia counter, I forgot whether the Pondok Indah Mall 2 counter also have this Sampuru display ^o^

the "fake dishes" display on the wall.

Overall, I love the ambiance. The place looks bright and airy, and I love the colorful menu that was presented. It's so kawaii... Japanese style ;) 

I also love the table placement and the cute napkins! We also appreciate the friendly and helpful staffs in both Mr.Curry counters.

the menu
what's on the table
the cute napkins!

Mr.Curry's specialty is of course: their curry! You can actually choose your curry and spiciness level to your likings and preference. There are four type of curries that you can choose: 
-Original Curry
-Red Curry
-White Curry
-Black Curry

You can also choose from four types of spiciness for your curry, from Non-Spicy level to Screaming-Spicy. Note: this is Japanese curry so their level of spiciness expectation are low, even for the spiciest one - at least for me ;p

There are also some options in which you can choose two different curries on one plate so you can actually taste different curries at the same time. And they also have other optionss of non-curry foods on the menu so if you're not into trying curries then you can still choose other options on the menu.

We've been to Mr.Curry for a couple of times and I have been wanting to review it on this blog but been lazy (slap self on the cheek). But anyway here's what we ordered the last time we were there:

For Appetizer, 
We ordered our most favorite food from Mr.Curry:
Salmon Carpaccio - (IDR 35.000)
 This is the sole reason why we always go back to Mr.Curry !! Because we love this dish so much :D If you love salmon and if you love fresh salad then order this and try it for yourself ;) Me and K really love this and would recommend this dish to others.

For Main Dish, 
I ordered Prawn Mushroom Doria - (IDR 58.000)
This is one of the non-curry food, I was into trying something other than the curry so I opted for this dish instead. Doria is typically a rice and butter based dish, it looks and resembles rice with omelette. I must say that I would prefer any of the curry food over this Doria because this seems kinda "ordinary" for me, Or maybe I was a little biased when judging this dish because I was regretting my decision of not ordering curry at that time ;p

And K ordered: 
Chicken Curry Rice with Original Sauce - (IDR 48.000)
As I told you above, at Mr.Curry you can choose your own curry sauce, and for this dish K opted for the original curry (brown curry) sauce. It tasted good and warm and fulfilling. The curry was served warm so we can eat it immediately (at Go!Curry the curry was served hot so we have to wait for a few minutes before we can eat it comfortably, otherwise the hot spiced curry would burn my esophagus ;p).
The portion is adequate (although K said it's not enough for men's appetite ;p). It was also served with a complimentary salad bowl which is surprisingly fresh and yummy. I love the Original sauce as well as the Red Curry sauce. K had tried the black sauce before and said that he liked it as well. We haven't tried the white curry sauce yet but I'm planning to try it on future visits ;)

And for Drinks,
I ordered Espreso N' CreamShake - (IDR 28.000)
I loooove this drink!
The concoction is perfect, it's like a chocolate/vanilla milkshake with bits of coffee flavor, super yumminess! ;)

K ordered Ice Tea - (IDR 15.000)
 [No photo because, well... it's just ice tea ;p]

Total spend:
Our total bill was: IDR 184.000 (before tax & service charge which adds up another IDR 28.500). It was a bit expensive because our usual expense every time we dined out is around IDR 120.000 - 150.000. But we did ordered 3 types of food and 2 drinks, and the food portion was medium to large, and our stomach were fulfilled :) 

As for the curry taste I personally think that the ones in Go!Curry restaurant is better but the price and portion at Go!Curry is bigger and more expensive. We also haven't found Salmon Carpaccio as good as the one in Mr.Curry so I think we're gonna keep going there in the future ;)

Here are some left-over photos of the food we ordered in Mr.Curry in one of our old excursions there, but sadly I lost the receipt so I didn't remember the exact name of the dishes and the prices as well..

Salmon Carpaccio! ;p We always ordered this whenever we dine in Mr.Curry ^__^



Mr. Curry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (West Mall, level 3A), Jakarta Selatan
Pondok Indah Mall 2 (Restaurant Row, Level 3), Jakarta Selatan  
Facebook Page:

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