Possibly My Dream House ;p

Sunday, June 3, 2012

When I saw this house over at Cote De Texas blog I was immediately stunned from the very first picture!! This is probably my dream house. Oh so gorgeous facade and high-detailed decor inside which feels homey but a little bit outta this world :D

The house is called the Pink Ribbon House. Here I re-posted some of the photos that mesmerizes me from the start, you can go to Cote De Texas for more pictures and more detailed info on the house, and wait til you see the rest of the pictures there! ;)

(click to enlarge)

 And my favorite: the bedrooms..

How do you like that? ;p



  1. wow, really love the entire house.. the trees, and especially the vintage corner! gorgeous!

  2. that is a palace not a regular house :))

  3. This can definitely be anyone's dream house. With its grandiose design, it reminds me of the houses usually portrayed as houses of the well-off in the movies. The staircase is very attractive. It seems to have this very dramatic effect with the way it twists and turns like liquid. Yuri, you have a very regal taste. I hope that you get this dream house of yours, or maybe something close to this.

  4. Girl, I was also immediately stunned after seeing all of these pictures. That house is huge and astonishing from the outside and it looks really lovely and elegant inside. The trees and the green grass surrounding the house makes it look even more eye-catchy. I love every single detail, inside and out. Wonderful!

    Kevin Noel

  5. This is a wonderful haven! I love everything in it -- inside and out! Yeah, I bet anyone who’d be able to see this house will be stunned by its exquisiteness. If was living in a house like this, I would never leave!

    -Lakisha Zimmerer

  6. This is everyone’s dream house. And if I own something like this, I won’t hesitate to check every facility regularly. That’s much better than seeking for repair services. In choosing your desired home, grab the opportunity to inspect the whole area. That will save you a lot of money. There are good looking houses these days that have some flaws, like poor ventilation, drainage, etc.

  7. This is an ideal home where you can stay and share happy memories with the family. But I wouldn’t want to live there alone, since I can’t stand feeling lonely. :P How about you, Darren? Anyway, to maintain its beauty, it’s advisable to clean each room with full effort. Using safe and organic cleaning agents will make the surfaces squeaky clean and safe for kids.


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