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Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a quick post (because I'm hungry and need to eat right now ;p)...
I just ate a tiny bowl of instant noodle for lunch and now I am so hungry I need to look for food ^o^

So anyway here is a photo diary of the food we ate lately...

I made some corn creme soup for breakfast the other day and ate it with a chunk of French bread. Accompanied by a cup of hot Green Tea with added sugar, I really enjoyed that morning's breakfast by myself ;p

One late night, hubby K bought me this Blackpepper Hot Dog from Seven-Eleven. He put on a bit too much mustard on my hot dog (I'm not really big for mustard), but it was still a good 'ol hotdog sandwich ;) Oh and he got me the Blue Slurpee too (yummmmm......my favorite!).

A couple of days ago mom made this delicious breakfast dish! It's just a simple potato dish but it tasted so good it leaves me wanting more and more ;p

And this is what K ordered from one of our family sunday trip. This is Dolsot Bibimbap from a Korean stall at a food court. I always love the presentation of a bibimbap, but in terms of Korean food... No Kimchi for me Please! ;p

So what did you guys eat lately? ;)


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