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Thursday, May 24, 2012

All pics were taken with my phone camera and uploaded to my Instagram.
Clicking the photo below will lead you to the instagram page.

  • 1st pic: Me and Kiddo the cat playing around, he is the most paranoid cat amongst all the cats I've owned! He is so paranoid he would jump over a little sound, he would got alerted when someone makes a sudden move such as when I stand up from the bed suddenly. Every little movements scares him, he is such a chicken, he is scared of everything and we like to tease him about that, LOL. Just look at his paranoid eyes when I made a click sound from my phone camera above ^o^
  • 2nd pic: Eggs Benedict at TRS Diner, Citos. I've been wanting to go to this diner-style restaurant for so long and I have been dreaming of trying "eggs benedict" too, so when we find this in the menu we ordered it right away, and boy do we want it more and more. Maybe we should go to TRS Diner again this weekend ;)

  • 1st pic: The souvenir bag that I got home from the Givenchy Product Launching Event that I attended at SOGO Mall Kelapa Gading. (jarang-jarang banget ke Kelapa Gading, pas dateng kesana agak-agak lost in directions, even when we're inside the mall hahaha)
  • 2nd pic: Durian! a.k.a the Stinky Fruit ;p Hubby K's family loves Durian so when my dad in law saw these Thailand's Durian stall we made a short stop and bought one. Me myself is not really a Durian eater. I mean, sure I'll eat it but I'm just not too crazy over durian, usually I would only eat a few of it if we're having a durian feast. Maybe because my own family is not too crazy about durian so I'm just not used to eat durian so often. Foreigners would usually turned their head off because of the faulty smell, but the truth is... they are a sweet fruit. If you're one of my non Asian readers and haven't tried durian yet, you should try it at least once in your life ;p

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