Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hope you all had a great holiday and New Year's Eve celebration! 
Mine was pretty great. Actually the month December were pretty great for me. I had a lot of outdoor activities during the last weeks of December, and then on the day before New Year's eve me and hubby K went to the mall to redeem our Gramedia bookstore voucher which was due on Dec 31 ;p 
And then although I didn't plan to buy anything except for redeeming the vouchers at the bookstore, we ended up shopping, ha! We were trapped and so distracted by all the SALE signs that we see all over the mall so one thing led to another and I ended up buying a watch from a new store at the mall's skywalk, and a couple of things from Mango. Hubby K also ended up with a nice-looking shirt for the office and we also bought a polo shirt for my dad since it was on discount too ^o^ So much for not planning on shopping, we both are so impulsive buyer, LOL. That explains where our money went missing mysteriously hehehe ;p

So anyway, we spent our new year's eve with our family. We had dinner at K's parents house with his sister and husband (& my nephew), we barbecued some corns smeared with butter, garlic salt, and a little bit of hot sauce. We also had some barbecued chicken, barbecued mini sausages, and cooling ice tea. K's mom also made some special dinner as addition to the barbecue menu, there were Tom Yum Soup, Spaghetti with Meat sauce, and beef tongue stew on the dinner table.

And then later at night me and K went to my parents house where my big family are having a get-together for new year's eve. We're lucky our parents house are only 15 minutes from each other ;p
At my house there were seafood menu on the table. There were some fish soup, various grilled fish, grilled chicken, and then some little cakes, martabak, oranges, etc.

When the clock hits closer to 12.00 we went out and headed to Summarecon Mall at BSD area to watch the giant fireworks, but we never made it to Summarecon Mall because the street were already jam packed with cars and motorcycles, it's like everybody are on the street and heading at the same direction. We then decided to just parked our car and just get out of the car to join everybody else in the street that were already got out of their car too. We made it just in time to see the fireworks! There were lots of people there and it felt so festive and the fireworks  were beautiful and there were so many of them lighting up the sky! 

After the firework ended we walked across the street to the nearby Oh La La Cafe that were still open for the new year. I had a Mocha Latte and we all share the "sampler dish" and just chatted along for a while. And then when the traffic looked a little milder we headed back to my parents house. Me and K still have to help our parents cleaned the house after everybody went home, and then we had a little family gossip time before me and K went back to K's parents house, LOL. And we finally hit the bed at 4 am no less, phew ^o^

It was a nice way of spending New Year with our family, and we both are lucky enough to be able to spend it with both of our families! We were very thankful for what 2011 had brought us, it was a great year for both of us and we were grateful for that. I hope 2012 will bring us even more joyous moments and great experiences. I'd wish for more fun adventures and great success in 2012. Maybe in 2012 we would finally move to our new space (the finishing process of our new pad has taken much longer time than we expected), and although we still have another year to paid off the credits of our car we would still hope for a new car because this one has gone to the service quite too often now.

I also would surely hope for more opportunities for both of my blogs. 2011 has bring many unexpected great accomplishments for my two blogs so I'd hope to develop them even more in 2012. These blogs are my babies, I took great measures with them and tried my best to work professionally as a professional blogger (although I still have much to learn). Surely there are more opportunities from local companies now compared to 2010 where I only get offers from companies abroad.
So I really have high hopes in Indonesia's brand marketing system, bloggers are now considered as a "semi-journalist" as well as "an influencer" so it's time for the bloggers to shine :)

Alright now, tomorrow I will hopefully write about my best of 2011 highlights on my next post. And if you're interested you can read my 2011 outfit review in my fashion blog here: Two Thousand Things.

And so how bout your New Year's eve? Any fun stories to share? ^o^

Source: All pics are from my Instagram (add me: yurikristia)


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