Places We Go: Tarzan D'Mighty Circus

Saturday, January 7, 2012

As I told you earlier on my previous post me & K planned to see the circus that was playing in town. So on the last week of December we went to Parkir Timur Senayan to see the circus!! We picked the night show which started at 19.30 on that Friday, and as soon as we arrived there and saw this sight of a giant colorful tent, it automatically bring joy to my heart, I could just leap in joy the moment I saw the tent!

The circus was a collaboration between a renowned world circus and TSI Production (TSI: Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesian safari park). So it's basically a circus filled with animal shows and professional acrobatic shows + entertaining musical show. The theme of the circus is "Tarzan D'Mighty". So it tells a story of the Tarzan tale showcased in a full-on animals-musical-acrobatic performances. No clowns included. ;p

look at the sleeping elephant ;p

Overall it's a great show, and although I was expecting a classic circus like all the circus I saw when I was a child but this one is still a memorable one, especially since I haven't been to a circus for so long and getting to be closed with animals are one of the thing that makes both of us happy, we are Huuugee animal lovers :)

Since this is a collaboration with TSI so outside the circus tent there are also several animal booths where you can ride elephant, ride camels, took photo with a tiger cub (like we did!), etc...just like in Taman Safari Indonesia.

Thanks to Groupon Disdus we got our tickets for 50% Off!! There are a few ticket price options according to "class" or seats. The cheapest was IDR 100.000 and aside from the Groupon discount there were also other discount offers such as from BCA, etc.

The circus played about 2 - 3 times a day for 2 hours, and right now the circus is still going on until tomorrow January 8th ! So if you want to take your family or friends to watch the circus then better hurry up, the Groupon discount is no longer there though.

 We Love Animals!
with Samantha, the tiger cub.

For online tickets and discount promotion price, click:


  1. wah yur, gue juga nonton hari jumat tuh, jam-nya sama pulak, ma bocil2 gue..hi#, tau gitu ketemuan ya kita :-)

  2. Laaah pooott... lo pas jumat tgl 22 jugaa? Hyaaa tau gitu kita barengan yaakk huhuhu Lo duduk dimana? Gue mah di zebra hihihi

  3. gue dimana ya duduknya, lupa..he3, yang tiketnya 200 ribu , trus diskon ajdi 100 ribu ..apa tuh napanya? hippo apa zebra? hi3. Sayang niy sirkus, binatangnya keluarnya sedikit dan sebentar ya...ngantuk liat tarzannya hahahaha


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