Daily Journal: UCIL, in memoriam...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey guys,
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So today I just want to write a short post in remembrance of my cat Ucil. If you've read this blog long enough you probably read his name in several of my blabbering posts. Ucil is one of our cat, we had him since he was a baby. In fact he was born in this house (her mother was our pet too). Ucil has been in this blog since this blog was first published to public. He has been part of this blog along with his brother Blackey. I had several posts with their pictures or names written in. Ucil has been a cute little black & white cat of our family. He is basically part of the family! 

Ucil is so cute with black & white pattern and short blunt tail, he also had a smaller body if compared to other male cats, so what he lacks in body volume he covered it with a strong voice. His voice was loud and strong as though he wants everybody in the room to take notice. He sometimes would scream for food or when he just entered the room. He probably also uses his loud voice in the streets when he met with other cats in the neighborhood so that every cats would take him seriously, hahaha... (well at least that's what we think) ;p

Me and my brother always love a black & white cat, and Ucil is one of the cutest one we have. He has been loyal, kind hearted, entertaining, and adorable although he's not as submissive as his brother but he is soo cute especially when he's sleeping!

And the last time we saw him was at last New Year's eve...

I was spending all day at my in law's house that day on December 31st, and then came back to our house late at night to celebrate new year's. But when we were on our way back home we got a message that my mom and most of the families are heading outside to a location where we could watch fireworks, so me and hubby just make a quick stop by at our house for a quick outfit change and then headed straight to the door again to went out to join the rest of the families. And when I was heading through the door that was when I saw him sitting underneath the dinner table. And that was the last time I saw him. I still can remember it in my head as when I took a glance of him right there underneath the table.... T___T

He was already seems un-fit and always lie down weakly for the past several weeks, we thought he was sick but he still ate and drink like a normal cat does, so we figured maybe he was just getting old. And then on the first days of 2012 we never saw him again (*sob..)

Our cats used to go out and play in the neighborhood and they always come back 3 - 4 times during the day to eat or sleep. Ucil also does the same, although in his last days he didnt go out as often as he used to, he would just sleep much and seems a bit weak all the time. He seems so...old. Even when he sleeps he seems weak, just like a very old man. And since that new year's eve he never came home again...

Wise people said that a truly loved cat pet will choose to die somewhere so that their owner wouldn't see they died, to avoid making their owner feeling sad.
And I guess the saying is true..
We couldn't be more sad when he's gone without us knowing where he died and knowing that we can't give him a proper burial like we did with our past cats. But maybe Ucil did make the right choice, because he probably knows that he was much much loved in this house that if he died at home where we could see his lifeless body it would just too much to handle for us, he knows how we loved him so much and how we would be very devastated when we see him died right in front of our eyes, so he chose to die somewhere that we couldn't see..

Ucil has been through so many things growing old together with us. We secretly sensed that Ucil is getting so old and he is not as strong and energetic like he used to. His gesture really shows that his age is starting to get him. So we secretly knew that maybe his time is close.. but we still hope that he can live longer. Well he does live a longer life...

I remember how Ucil sometimes stand beside my dad's foot when my dad is sitting on the couch, and Ucil would just keep staring at him as if waiting for something. And if my dad moves or stands up from the couch, Ucil will automatically follow him because he thinks my dad will give him food ;)

One of me & my husband's most sweet memories of Ucil is the way he had soo many weird poses when he bathe himself hahaha :

this one is when he just had a fight with a neighbor cat :

One of his favorite spot for sleeping is on the stairs (oh how I missed seeing him there):

Dear Ucil,
Although we couldnt see you again but we will always see you in our dreams, we always think about you although you're not here anymore. I kept having dreams of you over and over again, I hope you didn't experience pain at all when you went to heaven, I thought you'd probably went while you're asleep so you didnt feel anything. And because I couldn't give you a proper burial so I thought I'd give you a proper goodbye with this special post instead..
Thank you for all these 6 years of loyalty and companionship, you're one of our cutest cats. Thank you for accompanying me in my happiest and saddest time. Thank you for all of the laughter and the smiles you've given to us. You have been a blessing for our family. We hope that we had given you comfort and love that you deserved for the whole of your life. And may we meet again in heaven when the time comes ...

Your Family..

Good night Ucil, sleep tight ...


  1. Reading your story makes me want to cy T.T May your cat rest in peace.
    I have a pet too, but it is a dog. I raised him from baby and now he is 3 years old.

  2. @Shasha: Thank you Shasha.. Only those who had loved a pet would understand, thanks for the sweet prayer :)

    @Krisna: Iyaaa, I missed him too, huaaa.... T___T


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