Daily Journal: Busy Weekends!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I've been having a busy weekend for these past two weeks, pfiuh!
Two weekends ago we spent our Saturday doing our own schedules and plans for that day. Hubby K went to the car service station to fix our car, it has something to do with the brakes but I'm not sure what. While K spent the entire noon at the service station, I spent my Saturday doing some household tasks that I never get the time to do it in weekdays, and I also spent the rest of the afternoon updating my blogs and Facebook games ;p - And then late in the afternoon we went to K's parents house (nobody there!) so we went out to find ourselves some dinner (Nasi uduk Betawi) instead.

On Sunday, we woke up pretty early in the morning. We went to have breakfast with K's parents at Fatmawati area (hot chicken porridge), and then we went to Pasar Pagi Blok M (note to my international readers: "pasar pagi" is similar to Sunday morning market). There are lots of cakes, cookies and finger foods (traditional and western-inspired food are both available there). There were also in-season's fresh fruits and a few other stands that sell miscellaneous things such as childrens clothes and toys.

Mom in law bought some traditional cakes (onde-onde, risol, etc) and fruits (rambutan and bananas), and I asked her to buy some fruit pies too ( I love fruit pies!). Below is a pic of me (who has not taken a bath yet that morning ;p) and my MIL:

And then we went home to have lunch and took some needed nap (^o^). At night we went to Hotel Sultan to see a local fundraising music show featuring Indonesia's top singer Harvey Malaiholo, and some other performances such as one of the Molucca's singer: Pita Loppies (who has great vocal and performance by the way!) and a newcomer Mika Tambayong who is apparently Harvey's god daughter.

Harvey Malaiholo
Pita Loppies
Harvey and Mika Tambayong

The music was so-so at first, but then it went great right after Pita took the stage, and then Harvey's turn is right after Pita's so everyone clapped even harder and danced around like there's no tomorrow. But we didn't dance though, we're just happily people-watching that night ^o^

And that was two weekends ago.
Last weekend we were also quite busy. On Saturday, we went to Pondok Indah Mall to go to Gramedia bookstore to use our vouchers which K received from his office. He got two vouchers @IDR100.000 and both are valid until this December so it was time for us to use it before it expires! (receiving these bookstore vouchers for free were like a joyful gift to both of us since we both love to read! ^__^)

After the book hunting at Gramedia we then had dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurant Kin-No-Taki (using another "buy 1 get 1" voucher which we got from a booklet that we received after we did a donation for Sampoerna foundation a few months back). And then after the delicious Japanese meal (Ishiyaki Bibimba or Japanese Bibimbap, spicy cuttlefish, Tori Momo or grilled chicken thigh, Agedashi tofu, Chawan Mushi, and Ocha for drinks), we finished the day with some delicious yoghurt dessert (with peach, lychee, and mixed fruit jelly toppings) at Sour Sally.

And then on Sunday we started early and went to Snowbay (watertainment park) at TMII, using my vouchers and member card which I got from Snowbay Management Team! We went there with the whole big family and had lots of really fun time doing all the rides and the wave pool, and relaxing in the long stream pool.

We spent many hours at Snowbay as usual, we went in at 10 am and went out at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon ;p Then we all went all the way to the other part of Jakarta: Bandar Djakarta in Ancol to have a big family dinner since one of my niece turned 17 a few days ago and her parents invited us to celebrate it with a big dinner at one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Jakarta. Bandar Djakarta is a seaside restaurant but we can't really see the sea from our table because we booked a private room upstairs which has windows that faced the parking lot and the inside of the restaurant. Well at least we can see the humongous green sparkly christmas tree from our windows though..
The green huge tree right in the middle of the restaurant. This is the view from our room at 2nd floor.
The waiters bring this sparkly thing to our room along with the birthday cake to celebrate the birthday girl

We arrived home late at night, exhausted, but happy ^___^

What did you do last weekend?

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