There's A Circus in Town !

Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a quick post here !
Last week I had an invitation to attend a media launching event for "Tarzan, D'Mighty Circus", it's a circus & musical show from the World Circus and TSI Production. I was anxious to go to the media launch event at Parkir Timur Senayan because I LOVE CIRCUS ! So when I learned that there's gonna be a world circus in our town, hell yeah I would wanna go! ^o^

But unfortunately I was sick that day so I could not attend the media launch therefore I don't have any detailed information about the circus. All I know is that the circus is a collaboration between the renowned World Circus and TSI Production (Taman Safari Indonesia), and that it will be held in Parkir Timur Senayan from this month until 8 January 2012. The title of the show is "Tarzan, D'Mighty Circus". You can click below picture to zoom in and see the detailed dates, etc.

click to zoom

I've watched circus a few times when I was still a child, my parents always took me and my brother to see the circus whenever there's one in town. Hubby K apparently never been to a circus before, he only watched it on tv. So when I learned that there will be a renowned world circus playing here I get excited and immediately asked K to go! 

The tickets come in several price range depending on where you sit. If you want to buy cheaper tickets you can buy it from Groupon Disdus, they are currently offering a limited discount for the tickets ->> But the 50% discounts can only be redeemed for Tuesday - Friday shows only, so you can't use it for the Saturday/Sunday shows (semoga saya gak salah tangkap informasi dari yang saya baca di web page mereka ya). You can click here and read the details there yourself (but better be hurry, cos it's limited).

Aah, can't wait to watch this with K !
And I'll be reviewing / reporting it here in this blog for sure ^o^

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