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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's time for my big imagination to roam through this blog again ;p If you've read my first imaginary play or my last imaginary play post in this blog, you'll see that I love doing imaginary plays and one of my favourite imaginary play beside being a party planner is being someone whose in charge of house decorating. And so this time it will be about that.

Now let's play:

This time I pretend I'm an old lady probably in my 60s who own a Bed & Breakfast in the country side. I'm a cheerful and friendly grandma.
Now this is not your usual B & B, this is a bigger version of it, with 14 rooms to rent. Some of them en-suite and some of them share a bathroom in the hall. As the owner, I like to decorate the rooms to attract visitors, so I decided to furbish every room with a different decoration or theme.

The B&B consist of a main house where all the guest rooms are, a big garden on every side and at the back with patio and terraces. There's also a small cottage at the side of the garden which houses my staffs.

So first of all, let me introduce you to my staffs (who lives on the B&B) and our rooms. I tried to make my staffs feel comfortable and at-home so I decorate their bedrooms and shared bathroom as homey as possible:

Owner / Me
Tasks: Greet guests, check-in desk, oversee the whole shebangs, read reports, manage B&B.
Living quarter: 1st fl bedroom
(My room) 
with my en-suite bathroom:

2 of my staffs stay at the main house:
1 Managerial Assistant - Janna, 31yr old

Tasks: Manage all daily reports, salary, administration, guests info desk, took over owner's job if owner's not around
Living quarter: Room in the attic
(Janna's Room) with shared staff bathroom

1 Maid - Penelope, 27yr old
Tasks: Change sheets, clean guests rooms, clean bathrooms, clean the whole house, attend to guests need, waitress during meal time.
Living quarter: Room in the attic
(Penelope's Room) with shared staff bathroom

Janna & Penelope's shared staff bathroom in the attic:

While 3 of my other staffs stay at the little cottage in the garden:
1 cook - Gemma, 40yr old
Tasks: Cook for guests during breakfast and dinner, cook for household, wash dishes, shop for groceries, collecting spices or veggies from the small kitchen garden
Living quarter: Cottage room
(Gemma's room) on the cottage with shared bathroom.

1 washer - Bernadette, 24yr old
Tasks: Wash guests sheets, wash household clothes, wash napkins etc, ironing, help waitressing and then wash the dishes during guests meal time
Living quarter: Cottage room
(Bernadette's room) on the cottage with shared bathroom.

1 gardener - Mr. Sutton, 45yr old
Tasks: Do all gardening including lawn, backyard and the kitchen garden, providing flowers every 2 - 3 days to be put in vases inside the house
Living quarter: Cottage room
(Mt. Sutton's room) in the cottage attic.

The shared staff bathroom in the cottage:

And now that you have seen my staff's living quarter let's now look at the guest rooms. Here are the bedrooms available for guests:

We have different types of accommodation here, we have queen sized, king sized, twin bed or single bed. We also have a unique name to every room, such as The Girls room or The Boys room that represents the decorations in the room. Most of our rooms have twin beds because we have quite a lot of best-friends backpacking and traveling together that stays here, so these room are almost always booked. Other room names are The Attic room, The Oriental Room, etc...

2 single bed
6 twin bed
4 queen sized
2 king sized

Let's start with the 1st floor:

1st FLOOR:

The Family Room / The Country Room:

King sized, 1st floor. En-suite (bathroom inside).
This is the most expensive room available. Perfect for family or for a couple who
wants a more secluded room.
This is a corner room, spacious with big sofa,
wide windows
overlooking the side garden and a door that leads to a
private balcony overlooking the backyard.
En-suite bathroom:

The Boys Room

Twin bed. 1st floor. En-suite.
This room is made for boys. Perfect if you're a guy and travelling with your
best buddy.
The en-suite bathroom also have a manly feel to it.
En-suite bathroom:

The Girls room

Twin bed. 1st floor. Shared bathroom.
This room has a very girly touch, perfect for a woman who travels
with her bestfriend.
This room is located at the front with front yard and street view.
It's a small and bright room, and it's one of the cheapest room too.

The Santa Fe Room:

Queen sized. 1st floor. Shared bathroom.
This is our newest addition. We add this small room in the
back near our dining area.
It has a new-mexican flair to it with sandy walls,
warm red colors, and plates on the wall that depicts mexican life.


The Toile Room:

Queen sized. 1st floor. Shared bathroom.
This room has a deep pink toile wallpaper that makes it unique. 
It also has that rural country cottage charm to it.

Shared bathroom on 1st floor:

1st floor. In the hall.

The Explorer Room:

Twin bed. 2nd floor. En-suite.
This is a unique room, one of our most sought-after room.
Two hanging beds with wood and rope plus a unique bathroom with world map
wallpaper add some adventure mood to this room.

En-suite bathroom:

The Log Cabin Room

Twin Bed. 2nd Floor. En-suite.
This room makes you feel like you're in a log cabin somewhere over the mountain.
This is also one of our most sought-after room. Our largest room, it's very spacious with
windows overlooking the backyard garden.
The en-suite bathroom is also decorated in "wood" theme so it matched the log cabin overall theme.
En-suite bathroom:

The Cottage Room

King sized. 2nd floor. En-suite.
This room has a posh cottage feel to it and a favourite among old couples or
for those who wish to stay longer.

En-suite bathroom:

The Zen Room:

Queen sized. 2nd floor. En-suite bathroom.
This room is decorated in minimalist style, hence the name.
It has a view of the side garden, and a minimalist style bathroom too.

En-suite bathroom:

The Blue Room
Twin bed, 2nd floor. Shared bathroom.
This is the cheapest of the twinbed rooms. This blue room is located
on the front corner of the 2nd floor so it has 2 views,
the side garden and the street view.

The Mono Room:

Twin Bed. 2nd floor. Shared bathroom.
Mono as in Monochromatic, this room has a black and white style decor.
It's a combination of classic and modern. It's small but
adequate for a short stay traveller.

Shared bathroom on 2nd floor:

bathroom. 2nd floor hall


The Attic Room:

Queen sized, Attic. Shared bathroom.
This is the cheapest room for queen sized bed.
The decoration is simple but quite homey.

The Rustic Room:

Single bed. Attic. Shared bathroom.
This is the cheapest room of all rooms available.
It has a simple design with a little bit of
rustic style here and there. The room has a fantastic
overlooking the backyard and you can see the hills from here.

The Oriental Room:
Single bed. Attic. Shared bathroom.
This single bed room has an all-over oriental feel with detailed oriental decor.
You will feel a different atmosphere here.

Shared bathroom in the attic:

Bathroom, attic hall.

There you go, my imaginary bed & Breakfast :D I know some of you might think I'm crazy but i love doing it ;p so, what the heck...

Anyway, what do you think of my imaginary B&B? Does any of you want to book a room? Which room do you wanna stay in? ;p


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  1. love the idea! it is not crazy at all. :D I would enjoy staying in the log cabin, the zen, the mono and the oriental room - so I would have to visit more than once. :D I also like all the bathrooms!

  2. I would love to stay in a plain Bernadette's room on the cottage with shared bathroom! I love this style!


  3. Oh my! So gorgeous! My favorite is the Bathroom! :)

  4. Not silly at all. My dream is to own an independent bookstore/coffee shop someday...although, I haven't planned it out quite as thoroughly as you!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  5. 1. You are linked on my Blog List!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  6. 2. You are linked on my Blog List!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  7. It's very beautiful! Somehow I like Janna's Room the best.


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