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Friday, December 12, 2008

What Can I Say??
Being a stay-at-home wife IS REALLY FUN & ENJOYING ^___^

I used to work as Customer Service for several years before I got married (and then I got sick and has to be hospitalized for several weeks, then the doctor says that all those stress have made my old lungs problem surfaced again so she recommended me to stay away from stress, that's why all my family wanted me to quit my job and to find another job...but then my husband wanted me to stay at home because he was so worried about my condition at that time and he said that he should do all the working and i should do all the shopping instead ^___^ YES, I KNOW... I HAVE THE LOVELIEST HUSBAND in the whole world ^___^ )

My friends say that they couldn't imagine what they would do if they don't work, they say "aren't you bored staying at home everyday?" or "if i were you, i would be confused all day because of doing nothing".
What?Helloow...what are you thinking?that is like the ultimate dream hehehe
I really don't understand why they think like that because in my understanding: when you're not working then you have all the free time to do anything you like. It's a privilege for me to be able to have that choice because i know not many women can choose to not go to work. If they just found a courage in themselves to leave the job that has been sucking all their time and mind and then start switching to reach their dream job then they wouldn't be complaining. I'm so glad i took THAT chance and now i'm much much more happier than before.
I remember one of my "stay-at-home-wife" friend jokes: "maybe they probably just jealous of what they cannot have (free time). Deep down inside i bet they all wanna be like us, you know..let the husband do the work" ^o^
Well, bless the woman who have a rich husband but i don't have that (^o^) therefore i work the comfort of my bedroom ^^

I never regret of quitting my job, I proof that money could be gained in many ways. I quit my job and opened an online store, doing and working in a field that I actually loved! I got to do the job that i always dreamt of (working from home and making money the non-stress way, not to mention my job is my favourite activity -i.e shopping) i am also stress-free (hopefully my lungs problem won't come back), have all the time i want for myself and my family, and this kind of job will surely paid off when i had children (to always be with them and taking care of them myself).

How many of us thinking we're stucked at the wrong job? Well, I got my dream job now! I always thought i'm such a lucky bastard! ^o^

Back to being a stay-at-home wife, to be bored is an impossible thing (at least for me) because you will have time to do what-you-always-wanna-do-but-never-had-the-time-before. Things like: finishing all those books that you bought but never had the time to read it (and then going to the book store on Friday afternoon to buy some more if you have finished reading all of them), Going to the mall on workdays where it's not too crowded like in the weekends, Surfing the internet all day (I Loovee surfing the internet and learning anything i want to know so i hate it if they block your internet connection at the office), Being with your children all the time (if you have any), Going out every day you want to (if you dont have any child yet), Learning things that you always don't have time to; such as learning how to cook, learning how to do yoga correctly, or learning how to CROCHET (like me ^o^).

I always wanted to learn how to crochet.
Making clothes or accessories of my own, channeling those creativities in my head, and one of my life-goal is to learn at least one unique skill. I thought of learning at least one musical instrument but then it's probably hard to learn musical instrument when you're this old (^o^) so I laid my eyes on other skill, which is "Crocheting" (and after this, maybe "knitting").

At first i thought it'd be hard to learn but then i thought maybe it's not as complicated as it looks like and afterall, i had a lot of free time to learn it if it's difficult. So i went to the store in a sunny wednesday and bought a crochet hook and a pink yarn.
Then i went home, googling "how to crochet", printed some notes, watching youtube videos and....there you go....2 days later, already i could made this flower patch and a simple chain bracelet:

Well, since this are my first trial so pardon my messy knit here and there ^o^

My next project is to make a shawl, but apparently i'm out of yarns so i had to go back to the store one monday noon to buy another pink yarn (yes, its much more exciting than to sit behind an office desk on monday doing some weekends left-over works.....i'm so glad to be finally free from all of that BORING & STRESSING tasks ^^), i also made some extra time to go to the book store to buy a book on how to crochet for beginners (and some discounted import magazine).

So here is my new pink scarf or neck warmer which i learned how to made it just by watching youtube videos. i told you before, you can learn almost anything you want to learn from the internet!

My next project is to make a frilly bandana and a cute little top.
I already had the patterns but i don't have the yarns yet. I ordered some colourful yarns from an online store and i am waiting for my orders to come. Can't wait to do my projects. I love crocheting, it take your mind off things and it really kills time.
After i'm bored with crocheting (since sometimes i do get bored easily) I want to learn how to Knit. What's the difference, you asked. Well, Crocheting is using one small hook, while Knitting is using two long knitting needles. I think the results are a bit different from one another too. I'll learn more about that after I finished all my crocheting projects ^__^


  1. wuihh..keren lo yur....great jobs you have. Kalau sudah jago...don't forget me untuk membuatkan sesuatu buat gue yah..hihihihihi (epi)

  2. kalo lu mau, syal pink itu buat elu ajah pot hehehe
    next project gue mau bikin baju pot hahaha (kayanya siy susah, doain aja gue ga brenti di tengah jalan hihihihi)

  3. buatin topi, sarung tangan ma sepatu kecil buat baby gue gimana?? wuahahahhahaha. caio yur..don't ever stop till u finish it (epi)

  4. hmm...kalo babyshoes sih ada pot pattern-nya di buku gue, kayanya siy ga terlalu rumit, mungkin nanti gue buatin itu aja yah buat calon baby lo hehehe. Lu mau warna apa? hihihi...^^

  5. soal warna mah..up to you..cause i know you have a good taste on color..wuehehehe...(epi)

  6. oke deeh hehehe... tunggu aja yee.. en doain biar gue ga males hihihi ^o^


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