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Saturday, February 28, 2015

So I have two planners this year. One is a daily-style planner that I'm using for my work-related things, such as blogging schedules, blogging tasks, my freelance job tasks, freelance job's deadline, etc. While the other one is a cute pocket planner which I'm gonna be using for my monthly schedule + appointments as well as my daily tasks such as my exercise routine and my to-do notes.

At first I was still not sure and just mixed everything into each planner (so that's why in the photos below you're gonna see my blogging stuffs on my pocket planner instead of my appointments), but as time goes by I started to grasp the idea and plans on how I want to use my two planners. 

I'm using the black one as my Work Planner and the cute little one as my Pocket Planner / Scheduler. PS: I got the cute planner from my favorite store TM Bookstore (for less than IDR 50k), and the black one is custom-made at Gramedia book store.

Now, let's move on to the weekly spread decor. 
I love decorating my planners because I find it really comforting and relaxing for me. Decorating my planners and journal is very therapeutic for me so it helps me cope with stress and anxiety problem :)

I know we're already entering March but I want to show you how I decorate my planners, starting from January. I hope this could give you some inspirations on how to beautify your plain planner / journals. 

This is just for sharing because my decor is not super pretty or cute (;p) but I always got inspired by watching other people's planner decor that I saw in youtube and other blogs so I thought I'm gonna share mine too and I hope it inspires you somehow :)

Daily / Work Planner :

Week 1 
(tema: Gold)

Note: Saya bikin planner ini custom-made di Gramedia, dan saya pilih halaman weekly instead of daily atau monthly page, karena saya memang lebih prefer weekly page. Yang saya suka adalah: setiap halaman weekly page ini kolom harian-nya lumayan besar jadi enak untuk di dekor. Di bagian bawah halaman juga ada kalender kecil sehingga memudahkan untuk mencocokkan jadwal. Yang tidak saya suka adalah: kertas nya lumayan tipis, jadi kadang suka tembus ke belakang halaman kalau saya pakai pulpen / spidol tebal. Jadi harus pilih pulpen atau spidol dengan tinta tipis kalau nggak mau tembus ke belakang.

 Week 2
(tema: Pink Garden)
Using crayons to draw some flowers :)

Week 3
(tema: Purple)

Week 4
(tema: Chocolate Cake)
Another item to decorate or to line your pages other than washi tape is a deco tape. Sama kaya tape/isolasi biasa tapi ada decoration pattern nya, just like what I'm using above. 
Keep in mind that a deco tape is just like a regular tape so you have to make sure where you want to  position it, because if you get it wrong then it's a pain-in-the-a** to remove or repositioned them without ruining the paper (>_<).

Week 5
(tema: Pink)
 To line the pages I'm using ribbon instead of washi tape. This pink polka-dot ribbon is from Ikea. I was also trying another type of decorating which is "stamping". Here I used cute little stamp from a cheapo stamp set I found at TM Bookstore.

My Scheduler / Monthly Planner :

NOTE: Saya suka planner ini karena halamannya sudah ada desain bergambar-nya, jadi kalau kamu nggak punya waktu untuk hias-hias planner tapi tetep pengen punya planner yang nggak polos dan beda dari yang lain kamu bisa pilih yang seperti ini. Waktu itu saya beli planner ini di TM bookstore (please google the location), alasannya karena size-nya yang bisa masuk tas tapi juga nggak terlalu kecil, jadi halamannya masih agak leluasa untuk di dekor. Plus, planner ini juga punya monthly page view seperti diatas, yang memudahkan saya untuk keep track on my schedules and appointments more easily. Yang nggak saya suka mungkin karena nggak pake ring jadi nggak bisa nambahin journaling card atau hiasan lain. Dan karena nggak pake ring jadi kalau dibuka nggak bisa posisi datar total. Biasanya saya pakai bantuan paper clip biar bisa datar total kalau lagi mau nge-dekor ;)

Week 1
(tema: Yellow)

Week 2
(tema: Romantic Lace)
 I really love the lace tape that I used for this spread. I got a set of 5 lace tape from ebay and I love them all! :D

Week 3
(tema: Pink)
Another lace tape, this one is pink butterfly. Isnt' it pretty?

Week 4
(tema:  Pale Green)
 When decorating a planner it's so easy to over-decorate (>_<)

Week 5
(tema: Clothes-Line alias Jemuran ;p)

 I really love love this clothes-line stickers that I found in TM Bookstore. This sticker is probably one of my most favorite stationery items for the month of January!

I will post my February page spread soon so please subscribe to my blog if you want to see it :)
Also, don't forget to add my instagram @yurikristia where I posted my planner and stationery obsession along with my beauty and fashion related posts :)

Thank you for reading this! 

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