Stationery Haul : Part 2 & Part 3 (TM Bookstore)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If you follow me on my Instagram (id: yurikristia) then you must have noticed that I am currently obsessing with stationery, planner stuffs, etc. I have been a planner addict since high school and all through my college years. I've been using planners all through those years and my planner is always been full of colorful decoration. You can ask my friends about this, they usually would borrow my planner during class just to read through my planner. Apparently they think my colorful planner is more entertaining compared to the lecture (>o<)

So anyway, after college I started my 9 to 5 job and during those years I never have the time to wrtie in my planner again because life just gets in the way. I had a stressful job back then and I just simply don't have time for anything else, so my planner obsession was shut down immediately.

But now that I don't work 9 to 5 anymore I can finally have the time for planner, stationery, journal decor, etc again! I am so happy to have rekindled my love for stationery again because decorating planner / journal is something that I enjoyed very very much. It's very therapeutic for me, and I need it to de-stress myself. It's a very good stress-buster for me (^_^)

So to start off my new Stationery/Planner series in this blog, here are the first two big hauls that I did back in late December / early January when I first started to rekindle with my stationery / planner obsession:

Haul #1 :

This is gonna be a new series here on my blog. In this Stationery series you will see the places that I'd like to get all my stationery stock from. In Us and European countries they have Kikki.K, Target, Hema, etc to look for cute stationery items, while here in Jakarta - Indonesia we have Gramedia book store, Scoop, and TM bookstore, etc.

My favorite is TM Bookstore. The closest TM book store from my area (southern Jakarta) are in Poins Lebak Bulus and Depok Town Square. I prefer TM than Gramedia because TM seems to have more variety of stationery compared to Gramed, and the prices are slightly cheaper too. I always found some cute things from TM and they changed up their goods routinely so it seems that there's always something new every time I went to that store.

In this first haul, I went to TM and got myself some beginners stuffs such as glue tape, colorful pens, sticky notes, colorful stickers, etc...

These TOP Penciltic pen comes in various colors of the rainbow. They are so cheap (Gramed sells them for IDR 4000/5000 each (50 cents) - if I'm not mistaken, while TM sells them for 3000 each ;p). 
Although I do like the colorful packaging but these pens seep through the pages (alias tembus ke belakang kertas) even on thicker paper, so these are actually not my favorite ones to use.

The glue tape is my first one though.. I learned about this glue tape from foreign youtubers. I thought it's very practical to use and I don't have to smear my fingers with glue as usual, so I was glad to have found this in TM bookstore. The shape is similar to a correction tape but this one contains glue instead of correction ink. It is a "Must-have" for newbie scrapbooker!

I also bought some sticky notes and stickers. The stickers are glittery and very festive, while the mini folded sticky note set is my most favorite purchase from this first haul. 

The sticky note set is from Echi and they have a few variant but I chose this purple one instead. It's small but when you open it up it holds 5 different sticky notes inside it. And the best part is this was on discount too! :)

I like it because it's small enough you can put it inside your bag incase you need something to write on, or incase you need to leave a message to someone. I usually have something small like this in my stationery pouch that I bring with me inside my bag :)

Unfortunately I didn't find any washi tape in TM bookstore because I think they don't sell it yet, but I do find these cute deco tape with really cheap price, only about a dollar (sekitar seribuan rupiah aja satunya ;p). There were only three patterns left at the rack so I grab each one of them. These decorative tape would be great for gift wrapping especially if you use plain / colored gift wrap paper.

Last but not least, these are the alphabet stickers that are on top of my "To-Buy" list. I love using alphabet stickers to mark a page or to put up the "month" in a page by spelling them out with these alphabet stickers. I usually also use alphabet stickers to mark the day or the month in my diary/journal book.

Alphabet stickers are not that easy to find, so when I found one I usually buy them in two :) I like this one that I found in TM because they are small but colorful so I can mix n match the colors. These are also very cheap, only IDR 3000 per sheet (around 30 cents).

Haul #2 :

After my successful first haul from TM bookstore I decided to come back the very next day for my second haul ;p

Surprisingly on the second day I got there I found out that they have put up new stickers, new sticky notes, and a couple of new notebooks on their rack! This is why I love TM bookstore, they seems to rotate their products routinely. There's always something new every time I go there :)

In this round I got myself another Penciltic pen in blue, a regular red marker because I'm out of red marker, and a new set of stamp! 

Stamps are new to me because I never use stamps in my decorating process before, so I think I'll try the newbie stamp first. This was cheap and was also on discount :)

Noticing some new note books on the rack I picked up two of them. The left floral one has different designs on each page so I think it would be very useful to decorate my journal and/or to write some notes or letter to someone (because I'm thinking of doing some International penpals soon).

The right one has a very pretty design. With vintage pale green and vintage style sketch at the center with a touch of french language at the front which makes it even more beautiful. I will use this as my new diary/journal book because it has blank pages which is perfect as a decoration background.

One of my best purchase from this lot is this super adorable Hello Kitty set! Isn't she pretty? I love red color so this set obviously called my name from the rack :) This set was also on discount and I think it was about IDR 24000 which is about $2.5 - it includes 4 HK pencils, 1 HK pen, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, and a cute HK shaped note!

I think it was a steal considering that this is authentic Sanrio products because it has the brand name and registered Sanrio trademark behind the package ;p

I got one more sticker from the rack which is this large Rilakkuma sticker pad. I'm not really a fan of Rilakkuma but this is so cheap and comes with lots of small stickers which I will need to decorate my planner pages. So on to the shopping cart it is! :)

One more thing I got from this second haul is a new monthly planner! I was contemplating buying this one because I already have a planner that I custom-made in Gramedia a while ago, but I decided to buy this one anyway so I can use two planners at the same time. Another reason is because this planner is so freaking cute! Just look at the different designs in all the pages!! *I'm in love*


Well I think that's all from my second haul at TM bookstore and here is a full photo of all the goodies that I got from both of my hauls:

I think these would suffice for a while :)

One more thing, I also received my sticker order that I won from ebay at the same time of doing this purchase. It was a cute cat stickers with 6 different sticker sheets that I can use to decorate my daily planner pages:

So that's it for now.. 
I'm gonna post my planner page spread on the next post so if you love stationery and planner decorating please subscribe to this blog and also subscribe to my Instagram (id: yurikristia) !

See you later, alligator!

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