[Review] : Candle-Lite Juicy Black Cherries Candle

Monday, February 17, 2014

One of my recent obsession is scented candles. A few years ago it was hard to find scented candles here in Jakarta, but nowadays they are getting easier to find (yay!). And that started my obsession ;)
Here is a re-published post from my other blog Two Thousand Things about one of my candle reviews. Hope you enjoy it!


I love trying to find sweet-smelling candles in the market because they are not easy to find here in my country. We don't really have much options regarding scented candles here. We don't even have a Bath & Body Works store (which I dream of getting their big candles of!). So every time I saw a scented candle with a proper packaging (and proper price ;p) I would mostly gonna buy it. 

Now I don't have that many scented-candle collection yet in my home but maybe someday I'll show you. But for now, here is one of my recent candle purchase:

Juicy Black Cherries candle from Candle-Lite. I got this from Ace Hardware where I mostly buy my candles from. This was around $3 or IDR 40,000-ish (if I'm not mistaken), and it comes in a 3.5 oz glass jar with plastic lid. The plastic lid has a small hole in it so that we can smell the candle inside.
This is the first time I tried Candle-Lite brand. I decided to try with this one because this smells good in the store. It smells like bubblegum to me, with a lot of sweet infusion from the black cherry aroma. Very sweet and a little bit uplifting, which I imagine would be nice for a family room or to accompany me working ;)

The color of the candle is gorgeous too, and this is one of the less expensive candle options in Ace Hardware ;p There are other scents from Candle-Lite that I also like at the store, so maybe I'll snatch it up later on.. Ace Hardware also has other brands such as the popular Yankee Candles which I haven't tried to burn yet because I only bought the small ones without containers, so I'm still looking for some kind of a container where I can keep it after I burn it to help the scent stays longer on the candle.

 This Candle-Lite Juicy Black Cherries is a lovely one and have a long burning time. I tried burning it for several hours each day, for two days straight, and it seems that it didn't reduced much, so this certainly has a longer burning time compared to common candles. It also burns evenly and solidifies evenly as well. So there's no deep hole under the wick (in the middle of the candle) after you burn it, unlike most common candles out there ;p

So that's what I like about Candle-Lite candles. They will keep an even shape after you burn them for hours. The scent is not that strong though, unless you burn it for hours and close the room. The scent is more like staying in the background. Overall, this candle is quite nice and I would buy it again in another scent ;)

Adios chicas!

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  1. sis...we have a bath and body works bazaar at PIK MARKETING OFFICE in PIK...May 27, 2014 - June 1, 2014.


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