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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I wanted to re-live the food diary posts that I had on this blog a couple years ago and I even saved several photos on my phone (mostly when we ate outside). The last time I did this kind of post was back on September 2012 (what??!! it's been so long). So without further ado, here are some of the food that me / we ate recently :

 Kenny Roger's Roasters
(love the beans!)

 Ramen and Fruit-infused Ice Tea at Little Taiwan (so-so)

 Yummy sandwich which I forgot where I bought it from

 Danish style Fish n Chips at Fish n Co. (Yum!)

Some sweet snack from Le Bridge Resto at Ancol Beach

 Super yummy Kaya Toast & White Coffee Freeze at Old Town White Coffee

 My weekly dose of Starbucks! Oh yeah.

 Good 'ol American fried chicken, curly fries, and waffle with vanilla ice cream from A&W
Junk food galore.

I actually still have several food photos left on my phone but I am too sleepy right now so I'd just end the post here and will continue posting my food diary photos later on.

I hope these food photos won't make you hungry ;p

Adios chicas!

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