Valentine's Day Series: Home Decor Ideas

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Here's some ideas for your home if you want to decorate it in Valentine's day theme. I would love to also decorate my place but I just recently moved in so I did not have the time to add Valentine's decoration theme. So to cheer me up I decided to put on some virtual home decor imaginary session here. 

Here are some ideas and inspirations that I would love to do myself if I have a big house to decorate with. Let's turn on the imaginary machine now, shall we?

Let's start at the Front Door :
 Pretty wreath to welcome guests

Living Room:
On the mantle
 Candles on the window sill

The Aisle:
Attention to details

The Bedroom:

Main Bedroom:
Decoration above the dresser
On top of another dresser
 Heart string lamps wrapped around the bed head
Candles on the bedside table

Guest Bedroom:
Pink bedsheets & heart buntings

The Dining Room:
Cutesy table-cloth, perfect for the occasion
Bowls on the table
Candles in jars as the centerpiece

The Powder Room:
Hanging on the bathroom window
Hang Love letters on the wall hanger
Change the toilet rolls to these not-so-ordinary toilet rolls ;)

PS: I found these inspirations on Pinterest and all the links are directly on the photo (click click). Hopefully these ideas and inspiration boards might inspire you  too ^__^

Adios Chicas!


  1. gorgeous and shows the meaning of valentine's day passing touch of the furniture


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