Daily Journal: Long Weekend

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some quick updates on my life lately:
I won third place in Ancol & Kompasiana Blogging contest a few weeks ago (Yay, Alhamdulillah) - you can see the un-edited version of the article on my post about Ancol here. And then the last few weeks I was invited to some beauty-related events such as the Dove Beauty Camp, Revlon's new product sneak preview, and the recent Talika Indonesia launching event (I will post about the Dove Beauty Camp and Talika launching on my fashion & beauty blog "Two Thousand Things" later on).
I'm also currently developing new partnerships with some blog sponsors for both of my two blogs, which is awesome ! :)

And we also just had a long weekend here in Indonesia which I spent as follows:

Friday is when I went to Talika Indonesia launching event at Metro Plaza Senayan, followed by a lunch date at Marche (our fave resto, see my review here), and then stopped by ITC Fatmawati to go to the spare-parts market only to found it was apparently closed during the national holiday (doh!). From there we went straight to K's parents house to spent our weekend there. We then went out again for dinner to a nearby small Japanese restaurant and had some Sushi and Agedashi Tofu (my fave!). I also ordered the Salmon Sashimi at the last minute but regret eating it because the salmon looked like it's not fresh, it doesn't have a fresh deep pink color to it like the usual salmon that are served in bigger restaurant, these ones have slightly pale pink tint which is actually more white-ish than pink-ish. I only ate one slice of it but later that night I had a horrible queasy feeling on my stomach and it lasts until the next day (blurgh, I felt so sick in the stomach I almost threw up).

Lesson learned: Never eat a bad salmon!

Saturday we dropped off K's father to a wedding invitation in East Jakarta, and then we ate lunch at nearby meatballs restaurant (Mr.Baso) while we waited for K's dad. I had a bowl of glass-noodle soup with spicy meatballs, and also some fried dumplings. And then we picked up K's dad and stopped by at GadoGado Boplo to buy lunch for K's dad and then went to K's sister's house where we met up with our cousins there. And then all of us went out to have dinner at Fifo Restaurant (I had a Garden Salad, and Chicken Steak with Mushroom & Cheese Sauce). After dinner we all went back to K's parents house and hang out til midnight ;)

Sunday we slept all morning and then order some lunch from Restoran Padang Sederhana (I had spiced grilled chicken thigh with steamed cassava leaves and green chilli sambal - Slurp!). We just stayed at home on Sunday because I was not feeling really well that day.. We had Domino's Pizza for dinner because Domino's is having a "Buy 1 Get 1" offer for a very limited time.

What were your weekends like? I hope you had a great one like mine ;)


  1. Got a busy weekend, working -_-
    Anw I happen to be a Nasi Padang fans too.... Geez the colesterol.. auuuw

  2. @CeritaEka:
    Thanks for stopping by! Iyaaa nasi padang is the best yaa, aku makannya palingan cuma nasi ama kuah dikit, daun singkong + sambal ijo, sama ayam pop atau ayam panggang hehehe


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