Restaurant Review: MARCHE

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last week me and hubs were having dinner at Marche at Plaza Senayan, it's been one of my favorite restaurant since I went there the first time ^o^ I love it's ambience because it's a themed restaurant. It has a very detailed decoration that makes us feel like we were in a European village's market/farm/scenery, well actually it's Switzerland scenery to be exact, complete with Heidi corner! Ha!
The scenery include a 500 year old chalet, a Switzerland ski-lift cabin and many other decorative things that were brought originally from Switzerland!

Since I basically love decoration so I always find myself amused with themed places such as themed restaurant, themed hotel, etc.. Like that one time when I was visiting Genting highland in Malaysia, the place was like a magic tour to me, it was fully decorated with fun details, complete with indoor theme parks and decorative details in every nooks and cranny. That's what I loved, an attention to details! And Marche is just like that, the decoration detail fills every corner, even on those corners where you probably won't notice.


There are several food stalls inside the restaurant that are decorated like a village market stall. We would be given a card at the entrance which we will then use to "order" food & drinks from the stalls. We can browse the stalls and choose which food we want to eat, then we give the card to the person attending the stall so that our card can be stamped. And then when we finished eating, we would give the stamped card to the cashier and they will sums up the fees based on the stamps and we can pay the totals. Don't worry, the food & drinks price are on every stalls so you won't get blindly cheated ^o^ The price range from medium affordable (say.. IDR 35k - 45k for chicken and pizza) to IDR 65k - 90k and up for other food such as seafood or rosti with side dish. The food were excellent and the ingredients are all fresh!

My favorite stall is the bakery/pastry stall near the entrance, because it has a very strong "market" feels, I feel like I'm in a local European market, picking breads and sweets to bring back to my hotel ^o^
There are many dining area that you can freely choose. I love the cabin and log style dining area, it feels very original. You can also take your seat inside the ski-lift! There's also a huge screen that depicts a non-stop movie about Switzerland scenery (which is breathtaking, by the way). Oh and there's a "waterfall" at the corner near the bathroom! And the bathroom itself is fully decorated, feels like you're in snow ski cabin. There's also a changing pad for babies inside the bathroom, thumbs up for that (although I also saw a tiny little bug inside the cubicle, whoops!).

This time we chose to sit at the "dairy farm wooden cabin", complete with big cow head and cow printed pillowcases! As a cow print lover I could just die there because a lot of the items are all cow-printed or cow-shaped which were so friggin cute!

a cow! right beside our table's wall! :D
It feels like we were dining in a farmer's cabin in the green mountain of Switzerland where they shoot the Sound Of Music! Haha okay, I imagine too much... ;p But every time i dine there I always feel like I'm not in Plaza Senayan anymore ;p Hubs loved it too!

Oh I also went to another themed restaurant called Nanny's Pavilion where the decorative theme is around a "bathroom/powder room". If you're curious you can check it in my fashion blog here. There's also a giveaway currently going on there ^__^


  1. Hi!I saw you on another giveaway site, just trying to help people spread the word and refer for entries!, there's a kawaii giveaway ( a big one ) going on so ill leave the url if you're interested :)

    Can say I referred you please :)

  2. Dear Tiger Lily
    Thank you very much for the nice review on our restaurant. We are happy to hear that you enjoy our food and decor.

    See you soon back in one of our restaurants.

    Kind regards
    Nicole from Marché International

  3. Great review! I love to travel and would def love to visit any of the restaurants featured.

  4. interesting, we have many similar "restaurants" (well, they are called turist farms, i don't know an english expression) in our country. yeah, i'm an european. :D i'm glad you liked it! :D

  5. Great review! I love the cow right beside your table's wall! I love country style very much!!!


  6. Very unique restaurant! I like the Cow.. lol

    Would love to visit here soon :)

  7. I love themed restaurants! they have such a cool feel.


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