Short getaway.. [Curug Cilember, Puncak]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last weekend me and the whole family had a short getaway to Puncak. It's only 1.5 hour drive from Jakarta and it's a mountainous area so it has a colder climate which is great because it's really different from the staggering hot Jakarta climate.

I came from a really big family from my mother's side and we used to gather around and have vacations together. We traveled together, sometimes by chartering a big bus, we went to many road trips, Java overland and even Sumatra. So traveling is in our blood. This mini getaway is one of the example. And we already planned to go to Belitung on January 2011. Can't wait to take hubby there because he never been to Bangka or Belitung before.

So anyway here are some photos from our short trip to Puncak. We rent a big villa in the middle of a small village and went to Curug Cilember which is a waterfall, and we also walk around the surrounding village in the morning, walking through paddy fields, got our feet wet by playing in a small stream that leads to a big rocky river, we saw a mini zoo with baboons, ostrich, big eagle and talking birds! All in all, we have a really great time!

(all photos above are by hubby K's instagram)

the view from our villa

Curug Cilember ( = Cilember waterfall)

Cilember waterfall actually has 7 waterfalls, one is on higher ground than the other. This one that we visited is the waterfall number 7, it's stands on the lowest ground than the other waterfalls so if we want to see waterfall number 6 or 5 that means we have to climb higher and higher. The track is actually easy to walk on, the view along the track is fantastic with skinny tall trees surrounding us, it really feels like we're on a jungle. There's also camping ground provided on the lower area.

The track through the jungle to reach the waterfall number 7
look at that super tall trees!! So ancient!

A walk through the paddy field near our villa in the morning:

So how bout you? Where did you go last weekend? any fun stories?


  1. So beautiful! How nice it is to get away every once in a while

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    I LOVE all your photos. beautiful

  3. Greetings from Malaysia!

    I'm following you via the Global Blog Hop meme and hope to see you in my blog soon!

    Btw, love the waterfall pictures! Really nice!

    ~ Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

  4. Hi there! Found your blog through Team Discovery's Wednesday Friendsday!! LOVE it!


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