[Imaginary]: Room Decorator

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have two imaginary play series in this blog: the Party Planner and the Room Decorator, both are my hobby and passion beside fashion and traveling. In this series I pretend to be either a party planner or an interior designer/decorator. Today I would play a Room Decorator, and here's the scheme:

Client : 
Family of 6 :
- Husband & Wife
- 2 Daughters ( 1 teenage & 1 toddler)
- 1 Son (tween age)
- 1 Grandma

Room Requirements :
- at least 3 bathroom (1 en-suite in master bedroom)
- 1 craft room for grandma
- a separate breakfast area
- a sunny living room
- a laundry room

Preferred Style : 
Cottage / Country style for public area and master bedroom
Girly Chic for the teenage daughter's room
Dreamy for the little kids rooms

And here are my suggestions...

The sunny living room:
 Kitchen at the back area:
And a separate breakfast area right beside the kitchen counter:
 And the Dining Area at the opposite side of the kitchen/breakfast area:

The Teenage daughter's bedroom:
Teenage Daughter's Bathroom (this is also a guest bathroom):

Grandma's craft room, right next to the above bathroom:

The Master bedroom:
...with en-suite bathroom:

The Tween Boy's bedroom:

and the toddler daughter's bedroom:

The little kids shared bathroom:

Grandma's Bedroom:
Grandma's tiny bathroom:

The Laundry Room right next to the tiny bathroom:

And my work as an interior decorator is done! All the client's requests are fulfilled and they're happy with my work (or at least this is what happened in my imagination ;p).
And that's the end of our game, i hope you enjoy playing with me ^o^


Kay said...

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I Think if you say I referred you I get Extra entries, my name's karen wheelers!

Masha said...

i LOVE the sunny living room (especially the vintage style cabinet) i would like to have a room like this because sunshine is my natural antidepressant. :)
i also love dining and breakfast area, the master bedroom and grandma's batroom. :)

oksana said...

I love your decorating games!!!
Its so fascinating and your work its done very creative and talented!!!


Snow said...

I really like your style as an Interior Designer! Keep it up.. I'm learning some tips from you :)

SweetShenanigans said...

Very nice :)
I aspire to become an interior designer when I'm older. Love the classic feel.

TigerLily said...

Thank you guyss... ^0^