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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As usual, I have a "Weekly Digest" post every now and then. It's just a round up of things that I wanna tell you. Okay, without further ado, let's start this weeks' digest:

One of my readers (and loyal giveaway participant - and a giveaway winner here too!) has kindly gave me a "Lovely Blog" award. Thank you Patricia! She's from Argentina y'all, I loove making friends with worldwide citizen :D Getting to know people from the other side of the world is an amazing experience for me. You wouldn't get this kind of luxury when you live in the past eras, how amazing technology is!

I have showcased my first award proudly on my sidebar at the right ;)
Don't forget to also check out Patricia's lovely blog Sans Frontiers Giveaways where she post links to giveaways that are open for international! Yeay for worldwide winners ^__^

Thank you Patricia!


Ever since I entered giveaways on many other review&giveaway blogs I only won like 3 times (err... 4 to be exact -- not so lucky compared to hundreds and hundreds of giveaways I entered for the past 9 months ;p), but at least I won something :D

Let's see... I have won a reusable chic bag from Envirosax, a $35 gift certificate from Strawberry Anarchy (an etsy seller) in which I spent it for a cute cherry earrings and a unique blue charm bracelet.
And then I won another gift certificate from Milan Maternity for $75 (since I'm not pregnant yet --hopefully will be soon-- so I haven't used the gift cert yet, luckily the gift cert doesn't have an expiration date).
And the latest I won is a Moisturizing Body Whip in Very Vanilla which arrived in my door step last month and which I loooveee very much!

This is when the package came in. It's filled with little red heart cutouts, so pretty! - this pic just doesn't do it justice, the real package is pretty.

The smell is soooo Yummm! I love love love it so much!
This one is from Willow Ridge Soap Co.
Very recommended! :D


Today's inspirations: Dreamy houses, anyone?
Who would've thought that fairy tale and storybook cottages really do exist?

Barbie's house in real life size!
Maybe Ken is in there peeking behind the curtains as we speak ;p

Quaint little cottage just like in the story book!

Who knows, maybe Cinderella lives here with the prince...

And my fave:

This could be Hansel & Gretel's house..!

And if the town has stores like these:

Then I'd packed my things and plead to my hubby to move to that town, ASAP!

Dreamy houses and stores pics source is from brianvandenbrink.com and Velvet & Linen.


  1. That body whip sounds fabulous!

    I adore those buildings that you posted as well. I love cute little towns like that ^.^


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