Last Month's Purchases

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I used to do a "This Month's Purchases" posts back in the days before I do reviews and giveaways, and I think those posts have been quite useful for me because that way I can calculate how much I have spent for (my) personal needs every month. And then I could do my monthly finance balance thing (which usually ends up with a "minus" ;p).

Anyway, I was quite surprised when I list my last month's purchases because I got quite a shopping spree last month (which I must alert myself not to do it again, duh!), my excuse is maybe because I was in a shopping ban for a very long time but now ever since my blogging job can actually really pays all my credit card bills so now I found myself having a little extra money to spend again ;) Alhamdulillah... Who knew that blogging can pay my bills? But I'm really thankful for that, two of my almost-over-limit credit card bills are back to almost zero now, and one more amounting credit card to go! I'm so happy ^__^

So, here are my purchases last month:
  • Long jersey cardigan in dark grey, bought at Poins for IDR 65000. I have been wanting a long grey cardigan made of jersey just like this one but my previous shopping ban did not allowed me so I'm so happy to finally own one of this long cardi.

  • White knitted long cardigan, bought at Poins for IDR 35000. I've been looking for long cardigans ever since I saw it on the blogosphere so after I bought the grey one above I found this cute little knitted one for a cheap price. I always love knitted clothing so although this one has a short sleeve I still bought it considering the cheap price.

  • A loose banded top in a faded creme color. I need a "polite" top for family gatherings because it's been a little bit difficult for me when dressing for the more conservative family from my hubby's side. Polite means loose-fitted and longer-sleeve, so this banded creme top fit the bills.

  • 2 new undies and 1 new bra. My underwear drawer are full of craps, either it's fading or strayed or has lost elasticity. So I really need some underwear makeover. I mean NOW!
  • Oversized knit blouse in brown. This was on Sale so I bought it. Actually I once sell the exact same blouse on my online store a couple of months back, I was eyeing it but then a customer bought it and so I forgot about it, until I saw it again at a store! When I learned that it was on sale I bought it right away. (pic below)
  • Red Belt. I always need a new belt and I've been loving elastic belts nowadays because it gives you good shape and it would always fit your hips even if you ate too much or lost weight. I've also been wanting a red belt with bold buckle just like this one I bought. It's been one of my wardrobe staple now. (pic above)
  • Brown ribbed tank top from GAP. Jakarta is humid most of the time so tank top is like a must-have for every wardrobe ^o^
  • Dark Green polkadot short from ADIDAS. Just like I'm in need of new underwear I also in need of new shorts. I wear shorts when I'm at home and all my shorts are either too tight at the waist or too short/tight at the thighs or really really old. So this buy is (kind of) a must ^o^
  • Bermuda shorts in khaki from Ralph Lauren for hubby. Yea, hubby got new item too. (So I won't feel guilty of shopping for myself) ;p
  • Other than the 2 new undies and 1 new bra that I bought, I also got a handful (actually quite many) un-used undies from my sister-in-law. She bought herself a pile of Victoria's Secrets undies when she was living in New York for a couple of years and she never get to used the rest of it because she grew a bit in size. A couple of days ago she just found those piles of undies in her drawer and because she never used it and it's too small on her now so she gave it to me (score for me, yeay!). There's a whole lot of 'em and the tags are still on!

  • 2 new bras. Since I'm covered on undies (see above) so I'm filling for Bras. As I told you before, this is the time for underwear makeover, so I say goodbye to those old crap bras and undies, and welcome all new bras and undies ^o^
  • Flat sandals in blue tosca. I need new flat sandals since I only own one (in gold) so this one is a necessary buy (*trying to make excuses on more shopping ;p)

  • Makarizo T1 Style Maker. I am in need of a new hairspray badly! Because my old one is from 2007 (yikes!)

So there you go, pfiuh! Got a lot to explain to my hubby on all of the above purchases, but luckily hubby never asks ^o^ I think I'm very lucky to have a husband who never says No to my shopping, he actually encourage me to shop every time I feel sad or down, because he knew that it would make me smile again and forget about whatever it is that's bugging me. Love you honey, I'm blessed to have you :)

Now let's start counting and calculating my last month's balance shall we? I think all this last month shopping would mean that I won't have any budget to shop this month. Oh well... there's always next month ;p


  1. LOL! I love your sense of humor! Enjoyed reading your post, makes me want to go for Shoppinggggggg!

    Good 4 me, bad for my hubby! LOL!

    Perfect ideas ;)


  2. I would be most excited about the long grey cardigan--it makes you look very long and lean (and taller, too!!).


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