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Friday, April 23, 2010

If you read my blog for quite some times then you might notice that I have some posts that labeled "Imaginary Party Planner" ;p I know it sound silly but I just couldn't help imagining my own parties and made up some fake parties in my mind ^o^ Call me crazy but I can't help having this big enormous imagination. You can check my previous party planner posts here, who knows..maybe it would give you some inspirations for your own parties :)

Anyway, today on Imaginary Party Planner: Tea Party!
Yeay, I have always wanted to have a tea party with just several girls, not too crowded or else it'd be a big party. Tea party should be small party so it would feel more private and warm. You can chat and laugh and giggle with all your girlfriends or girl family member. Oh this should be fun! :)

Let's start, shall we?
(pls note that all photos are linked to their original source so if you click the pic it would take you to the pic's source)


How bout this cute invitation? Perfect, don't you think?
It's printed as teacups on both sides in soft pastel colors and quaint patterns. The two halves of the card are glued together except at the top, to form a pocket for the teabags. All the information: date, time, place, and RSVP - is printed on two "teabags". The teabags even have strings attached to labels saying "tea time!" and "join us!"

Let's start at the foyer table:
I put on some miniature felt tea set and a couple of eye-candy. It's a cute invite for the guests when they first arriving and would hopefully bring up a cheerful mood :)

Felt tea sets.

Cute jewelry arranged in a cute cup and fake cone, set as eye-candy in the foyer table.

We have a long table standing in the middle of the room with dining chairs covered in white satin fabric and white lace ribbon where the main tea ceremony is being held, but we also have groups of sofas and chairs spread around the corner of the room so that the guests could sit back and chillax and mingle with other guests after the main tea ceremony is over. Every sofa groups has their own table complete with more cookies and teas.
Here is the main table setting:

You can’t go wrong with these unique teapot placecard holder and favor box combo!
This hold the placecard so everybody knows where to sit. The card used to print the guest's name is adorned with teacup print too. And the box below could be used to storage mints or maybe sugar cubes for the tea! What a brilliant and unique idea this item is. You can get it at (click the pic to go there).

The centerpiece:

Pretty unique shabby chic PINK! teapot.

And the table setting:

Assorted teapots, cups and saucers, candles, cookies, cupcakes, sugar cubes, milk, strawberries and shortcake bread.
With a cute white and pink cupcake picks like this:

Also on the table:

We serve tea and assorted sweet snacks such as these pastel colors sweet things..

The cookies and cakes:
And these assorted yummy cookies and cupcakes:

(all are from flickr page, pls click photos for direct link)

And some other finger food:

The teapots being used in the main table:

Since it's a long table so we need more than one teapot to serve the guests.

And since this is "my party" then the sugar cubes provided are not just ordinary sugar cubes ;) It's all decorated sugar cubes y'all!

These sugars are intricately decorated with colorful tiny little flowers for added fun :D

And of course, tea napkins. Set alongside the teacups and saucers are these pretty vintage floral print tea napkins:

..presented with this cute napkin ring:

And don't forget the flower arrangements:

Both for the main table

The decor on one of the sofa groups table:

And these are the pretty cookies that were spread among the group sofas and chairs so everyone could still gossip while enjoying these sweet assortment:

Because I found 2 pretty cakes which I can't decide on which one should I take then I decide that serving TWO cakes would be awesome! ;p
And this is the first cake:

A very pretty teapot-shaped cake complete with tea-sets spread on top of it with a pretty table-cloth made of sugar paste. It's so pretty..
I also love the pearl embellishment added and the vintage floral plate in which the cake sit is soo beautiful. This cake would be put in the center of the main table as the main cake.

And this is the second cake, just for fun! :
teddy bear tea party cake by bunchofpants.
This cute cake shows a tea party on it's own!
A very cute and unique cake depicting one bear family's tea party in the woods.
This cake is smaller than the main cake which is the tea-pot shaped cake, and this cake would be put on a side table surrounded with pretty floral plates like these below, so everyone who wants a piece of this cake can serve themselves:

The assorted pretty plates to eat the cake above.

And for the party favor bags when the lovely tea party is over:

A small sized reusable fabric stickers set with tea party theme!

"tea time" decorative tile.

And one each of assorted pretty decorative teaspoon!
(All three items above are from etsy, click the pics for direct link)

All those three cute little things would be packed in this cute and lovely looking Strawberry-Box:

It's actually a cake box made of felt but it's cute enough to host the party favors! ;p

Ooh, and don't forget the "Thank You" note, slipped inside the strawberry box too. I chose these lovely vintage thank you tags, actually it's in french (mercy beaucoup) which makes it more chic ;p :

And what should a hostess wear in her tea party?

With these pretty earrings and beautiful floral hair pin. Lovely.

So...would you come to my party?


  1. I would so much love to go to your party!!! Your selection is just awesome!


  2. make it real yur :-), i'll come to your tea party :-), udah lama kan kita -kita ga ada girls talk :-)

  3. Oh they are so cuteee.. Would love to come. Awesome!

  4. @Patricia:
    Thank you girl, you're definitely invited! :D

    Iyaa, pengen bgt bikin tea party, but maybe later when I have my own place yaa ^o^

    Hi Alice, thank you. And you're invited too ^o^

  5. Just so you know one of thoses pictures of the sugar is actually a mint. (the yellow ones) I've made them before and they are really good.


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