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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another place that we've tried for a quick lunch was at Mr.Park in Grand Indonesia. Korean food is rather new to me, and because I've learned since a long time ago that I don't go along well with kimchi so I am still in the process of trying on different Korean restaurants regardless of my love and hate relationship with kimchi.

I mostly almost never like kimchi served in Korean restaurant EXCEPT in this one. The kimchi side dish in Mr Park is somewhat a little bit different than what I've tasted and I kinda liked this one. Maybe because many people said that Mr Park's food are already catered to local taste so the kimchi here is more acceptable for my tounge. Well, I'm not sure if that's true but at least I think so ;p

So anyway, it was a quick lunch and here's what we ordered:

 Chicken Gochujang Bento Set

 Chicken Ramyoen

I was a little bit confused with the menu since I haven't tried that many Korean dishes before, and I was not really that hungry so I opted for the Chicken Ramyoen instead that looks quite spicy and tasty from the picture on the menu. Ramyoen is Korean noodles and as a noodle lover so of course I must try that ;)

FYI, the counter at Grand Indonesia was located in the food court area so it's not a restaurant but more like a small counter instead. The menu is available on the cashier counter (where we have to put our orders in) and there were also several realistic-looking display of food from the menu (just like the fake food display in front of Japanese restaurants). Hubby K chose his order from looking at these food display. He chose the Chicken Gochujang Bento set which looks satisfying in size.

The food turned up just like the ones in the photos and the portion were rather big compared to the price so it was satisfying for us. Again, I'm sorry for the lack of details here because I lost all the recipes that I've been collecting so I didn't know the exact price of the food. But according to the Facebook page, the Chicken Gochujang Bento set is IDR 39,091,- and the Chicken Ramyoen that I ordered is IDR 33,638,-

Overall, the taste is quite good and the portion is rather large and it comes with many assortment of side dish (as customary in Korean tradition). The only concern was on the bento set where my husband wishes for a larger portion of the rice to balance the many dishes on the bento box, LOL.

How about you? Have you tried Mr Park or any Korean restaurant yet?

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Happy Eating!

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  1. I've only tried Korean food once, and I absolutely love the taste! Though I have to admit that Kimchi is not exactly my cup of tea.


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